Video Interviewing Software: Perfect for International Interviewing

The success of any company is determined by its employees. They are the one who make the systems run in an organization. For an organization to get the right employees, it should put in place a good hiring system to get the best fit for the vacancies it has in place. Since the hiring panel may not be near the premises, video interviewing is always a good option.

Video interviewing involves the use of video interview software and is a perfect for international interviewing. The panel interacts with the candidates through a video link through throughout the interview period.

Several advantages come with this option. Here are some of them.

Reduce the hiring period

Traditionally, filling a position may take as much as two months as the panel interviews every candidate and re-interviews those that have made to the next stage. However, when using automated video interviewing software, companies can take half of the time to get someone to fill the open vacancies.

This reduces the cost associated with a long hiring process. It also minimizes chances of a bad hire if the panel is under pressure to get employees to fill the vacant positions quickly.

Live view of the candidate

Unlike phone interviews common with many international interviews, companies using automated video interview software have almost a face-to-face interview experience with the candidate. They are able to capture facial expressions, posture, and dressing in the interview session. A good fit for a job is not only the one who has a polished resume. Confidence, personality, neatness, and facial expressions give important cues to whether the candidate fits the position.

Reaching more candidates

In traditional methods of hiring, candidates are initially filtered to a very small number, as the interviewing panel does not have enough time to interview each of them. While the filtering process still takes place in video interviewing, the panel is able to reach more candidates that have skills that have reached the cut off for the position.

Interviewing more candidates is advantageous to the company. There is always a likelihood that a perfect fit for the job would have been left out if the company just took those who had the very best resumes for the interview.

Sharing for decision making

The video interviewing software records the interviews via webcam. Interview videos can be shared with all the relevant parties easily. The videos can be viewed severally in the process of decision-making. Thus, unlike written notes in a face-to-face interview, videos give clear records that help eliminate guesswork in the review. The information can be stored in a database and referred to later.

Consistency and accuracy

All candidates for a particular vacancy are asked the same set of questions. Questions can be reviewed to be tailored for the specific qualities that the interviewers are looking for. In the face-to-face interview, interviewers may divert from the tailor made questions. This could lead to hiring the wrong candidate for the job. Further, it may not be possible to record and share videos in the normal video streaming.

Greener approach to recruitment

The interviewing technology reduces the amount of carbon footprint and the negative environmental impact that is related to job searching and interviewing. The interviewers do not have to fly overseas to hire staff for their overseas branches.

Sonru is a leader in providing automated video interviewing software. They help international companies hire the best talent from around the world fast and easy with all the benefits listed above.


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