Energy-saving tech to boost your profit margins around the office

Regardless of the size of your office space, you’ll know how important it is to save energy; after all, it’s essential to save the pennies and pounds wherever you can, to conserve the world around us, and to boost profit margins wherever possible. There are now numerous gadgets designed to help you conserve power wherever you can.

Saving energy as a small business

Every penny that you can possibly save will count towards your profits in the long run; it’s absolutely vital for business owners, particularly those with smaller companies, to try and make as many reductions as possible. Cost cutting is just one of the ways that businesses manage to remain profitable.

Another huge reason for cutting down on energy usage is so that the environment is preserved for the generations to come; it often falls upon companies, whether big or small, to set an example to those around them, and you’ll often find regulations in place for the amount of energy that companies are expected, or even allowed, to use.

Energy-saving modifications and gadgets

There are some great ways of saving energy in and around the office, from simple modifications to hi-tech gadgets and software. For example, shutters are an absolutely fantastic addition to any office windows, helping you to conserve energy in a simple yet stylish manner; during the winter, shutters will keep heat in, stopping it from escaping through the crevices that are often found around windows, while they can work wonders at keeping offices cool in the summer. Wooden window shutters like these will negate the need for expensive heating and air conditioning systems, and add a little charm to your office.

Thinking a little more hi-tech? There are some phenomenal gadgets out there designed with energy saving in mind; light switch timers, for example, are so simple, and yet will save huge amounts of energy when used every day just by monitoring when lights are, and aren’t, needed. Laptop savers work in a similar fashion, giving laptops and smart devices only as much charge as they need. Energy monitors and smart meters, which are often supplied free of charge by energy providers, are a must; by monitoring the amount of power you’re actually using, and seeing exactly how it’s used, you may be encouraged to use less.

Software that distributes and manages power is a great investment; it can monitor who’s using what, learn their shift patterns and when they’re likely to need less energy, and even adjust screen brightness to save power and money. On a larger scale, external data centres are also a great way of saving power; why host your own servers when you can access them remotely and save yourself energy?

Saving energy is a subject we’re constantly asked to think about, and one that can save businesses, particularly smaller ones, a huge amount in the long run. While modifications such as insulation, the introduction of solar panels, expensive water systems, and even window shutters can all work together to save power, it is also worth thinking about the gadgets that can be used alongside these changes. After all, as the saying goes, look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.


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