Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have made it much easier for charitable organizations to get their message out to a wider demographic of potential donors. Here are some of the methods and tips available to fundraisers today:


Many small donations can add up to big changes. Crowdfunding is great because it allows people to contribute what they can to create major changes. Those raising funds can also add incentives at certain donation levels. For example, a $50 donation might mean the donor gets a T-shirt or hat. Crowdfunding is a good strategy for raising a large amount in a short period of time, and combined with social media, crowdfunding makes it easy for charities to produce and implement a campaign.

Social media campaigns

Facebook is a great way to send a message to many people, while only having to type it up once. When others share your post or their friends view it on a newsfeed, you gain a lot of valuable exposure with little effort. Twitter is another hugely popular network that should be utilized alongside Facebook. With most of us looking at Facebook or Twitter at least once a day, social media is an invaluable tool for those trying to raise funds for their cause.

Better event attendance

If not many people even know about an event, you are not likely to get the support you want or deserve for your cause. When events are better planned and RSVP is encouraged, you can make sure that as many people as possible know about an event, and even get an idea of what type of attendance to expect so you can plan accordingly.

Raising awareness

Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues and causes out there that affect many people. One big challenge that any charity faces is how to raise awareness of an issue in the most effective way. Social media and a great website can go a long way. Online newspapers and periodicals can also play a role if you can get them to give your issue some coverage. Some people may be aware of an issue but not realize that they can help cancer research or decrease poverty in their neighborhood.


A great website can create a great impression of your organization. A well put together and easy to navigate site implies that your organization is thoughtful and reliable. You may be able to get a designer to donate the time to create and maintain your site. Some web designers will do some work like this to help promote their own business and because it is something they can easily do to give back to others around them. A link to solicit donations should be included on your site.

A simple contact form will make it easy for others to contact you with questions about your cause and how they can help, while social media can be used to draw traffic to your website.