Apple Announce New iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, Apple TV and iPad Pro

It’s always an exciting period during this time of the year mainly because everyone in the tech world is in great anticipation of what new products apple is about to launch. Last year apple introduced the iPhone 6 and 6 plus so this year we were expecting the “s” varient (iPhone 6s and 6s Plus) to be right around the corner.

Traditionally these are the tweaked version of the last years hardware, improving the internal specs, but this year Apple introduced two new products to its line-up too.

iPad Pro

According to apple, iPad Pro is the biggest launch in tablet history since the introduction of the first generation iPad. Expect the new iPad to come with a large display of 12.9” in diagonal length and a resolution of 2732 by 2048 pixels. That’s a screen with 5.6 million pixels, more pixels than even the iMac, so expect a gorgeous display when you un-wrap this tablet. Other features on the screen include a custom timing controller, photo alignment and a variable refresh rate.

All this is powered by the all new A9X 3rd generation 64bit chip. According to apple it offers twice the memory bandwidth of the A8X and twice the storage performance of its predecessor. Its GPU offers performance similar to next generation consoles.

Battery life is pretty similar to the iPad Air 2 at around 10 hours. Other specifications include a weight of 1.57 pounds and a 6.9mm thickness. There is a keyboard available that connects to the new tablet using a 3 pin magnetic connector. A stylus is also now available known as the Apple pencil.

Apple announced a partnership with Adobe in applications such as type kit fonts and Photoshop fix for retouching.

Prices begin at £585 for 64GB and £650 for the 128GB models.

New Apple TV

Siri is now more integrated into Apple TV. It seems that Apple is pushing for more games on it because the remote can also be used as a controller. The remote contains a glass touch surface and a siri burton for launching commands. With Siri it’s possible to pause playback, switch on and off subtitles and make it much easier to such for content.

The Apps that are supported include HBO, Hulu, Netflix and many gaming Apps. Some games shown at the conference like Crossy Road allow you to go against other players through online multiplayer. Video Footage can be viewed at 60fps and it’s now possible to view split screen videos.

Hardware wise the New Apple TV has the 64bit A8 chip, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO and an IR receiver.

Prices start at £95 for 32GB and £130 for 64GB.

iPhone 6 and 6S plus

The new iPhones look pretty much identical to their predecessors but sport the much faster A9 processor. The iPhone 6s now also comes in Rose Gold colour (except Rose isn’t a colour!)  with a custom aluminium alloy for the body. The glass on the screen is manufactured using a dual iron exchange process. The slogan “The only thing that’s changed is everything” was front and centre although the S upgrade was fairly typical with improved processor, camera and battery life.

The “new” S feature (Siri on the iPhone 4S, TouchID on the iPhone 5S) was the introduction of Force Touch hardware, oddly renamed to “3D Touch” on the iPhone.

3D Touch is a system where you can either view only some of the limited options of an app if you slightly touch part of the app. This feature is known as the Peep. You can basically utilize this feature to preview emails and text messages. Pop on the other hand means that the user presses harder on an app to access the contents that are inside it. Apple showed off the free blade game that utilizes the A9 and the 3D touch systems.

Siri will now always be on (always listening) on the new iPhone models similar to the Moto X, as opposed to previously when it was only when charging.

The rear camera spots a 12 Megapixels camera and the front acing camera is a 5 megapixel camera. 4k video recording is now available and the footage can be immediately edited. Live photo is also a new option for editing pictures to make them appear as they are moving.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus support 300mbs LTE-A, 28 LTE bands and 2 by 2 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Pricing starts at £539 and £619 for both models respectively.


The new iPhone 6 S models, and the iPad Pro will all sport the iOS9 straight out of the box. Announced back at WWDC in June, it will be officially released on September 16th for legacy hardware and will be available for the iPhone, iPads and iPods. Some of the key features are the new multitasking modes, added proactive features to Siri and users will have the ability to search for content within apps. Siri has been made to be much smarter and more responsive.

iOS9 allows users to perform unit conversions search as dollars to pounds without opening up a web browser.

>> Watch the full keynote online here.


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