Autumn 2015’s Best Tablets

With every season comes an array of spectacular technological innovations. And with Christmas just around the corner, now is the time where tech developers will be doing their utmost to deliver the best-possible tablet at the lowest-possible price.

Speed counts



With tablets being quick to promote themselves as a more portable, yet equally powerful version of the desktop computer, many are quick to check the technical statistics of the latest models. And Apple’s latest tablet – the iPad Pro – offers some truly humbling specs.

The iPad Pro will aim to find its space between the simple tablet and laptop by featuring a super-fast A9X processor that promises to be faster than 80% of all portable PCs created within the last year. Whilst this may prove attractive for business-users, it will be gamers in particular who will relish the prospect of using such advanced technology. This is especially so with the majority of modern games using advanced graphics and audio, and even the user-friendly games featured at the Chipzup casino guide site will all benefit from such ground-breaking technology.

Technological adaptations



However, a few brands have been implementing innovations that look to transform the simple tablet experience even further as illustrated by the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 4. This looks to update the Microsoft brand for the tablet generation by reinventing the additional pen function.

Instead of the somewhat cumbersome fabric loop that featured on earlier models, the Surface Pro 4’s pen will instead feature a magnetic mechanism that will aid the user in making annotations, highlights, and other note-taking activities. Such innovation will be key in promoting the brand towards students who will be seeking a cost-effective and portable solution to the modern education environment.

Business applications



With the modern tablet becoming an indispensable part of business life, there is increased competitiveness amongst tech companies to deliver the best multi-functional tablet for business users on the go.

Google’s Pixel C promises to deliver a high tech solution through its impressive convertible tablet that featured a keyboard that connects magnetically and includes a battery that lasts for over two months.

Similarly, the Pixel C offer some pretty impressive specs for the modern business user with 3GB of RAM and a desktop-calibre Maxwell CPU that can handle the more data-intensive tasks. Further to this, the fact that the Pixel C also includes far-field microphones that allows for voice interaction from across a room, it means that Google is powerfully poised to take on the evermore competitive tablet marketplace.

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