Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is technology which allows the delivery of voice communications over the Internet. The technology converts voice vibrations into compressed digital signals that translate to IP packets, which are then transmitted, and converted to a regular telephone signal if the call recipient has a telephone.

VoIP technology is available on computers, Internet access devices, and many smartphones. It offers a number of advantages over traditional telephones.

Read on to find out about the top 5 benefits VoIP systems have to offer.

1. Money Saving

Thanks to the ease of transferring information via the internet, VoIP works out much cheaper than using traditional telephone networks. On traditional phone lines, you pay for each minute you spend on the phone. You also have to pay a lot more for international phone calls. However with VoIP, as it takes place over the internet, the only cost you have is your monthly internet bill. You will need broadband access with a good speed, but using VoIP can save you up to 40% on local and 90% on international phone calls.

VoIP can also save a business money in terms of the equipment used to set up the system. Instead of having to install a costly phone network with separate PBX tie lines, the only equipment you need apart from a computer and internet connection are a sound card, speakers and a microphone. These can be acquired relatively inexpensively from companies such as Alternative Networks.

2. Group Conversations

On a standard phone line, two people can speak at a time. However, VoIP systems compress the data packets during transmission, which means more data can be handled. This means that instead of just two people being able to communicate, a larger group can communicate in the same call. This is highly useful in the business world for conference calls.

3. Additional Media Features

Traditional phone systems consist of voice and fax services. But with VoIP, much more is possible. As communication takes place via the internet, you can include other forms of media. It is possible to send text instant messages, make video calls, and share files and images.

4. User Control Interface

Most VoIP systems provide a user control interface to allow their customers to change features, options and services dynamically. For example, users could change features such as their call forwarding number, speed dial, and black and white lists.

5. Phone Mobility

The standard phone system assigns a phone number to a particular phone line, so you can’t move your phone to a different place using the same phone number. VoIP systems provide number mobility, as you can use the same number from virtually anywhere as long as it has IP connectivity.

This is highly useful as it allows employees to use the same company phone number while working from home, and portable IP phones can be taken travelling.


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