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Apple’s iOS 10, What’s New And What To Expect

It’s no longer a rumour and there is no need to keep speculating any more as Apple has announced it will be releasing its annual mobileOS update, the new iOS10, this fall, with developer and public betas available in advance of the full release.

While we continue to wait for its release we might as well look at the new cool features that are going to be on offer.

Improvements on the lock screen

The lock screen has become more exciting, you can now wake your phone up by simply lifting it. The lock screen has also become an activity hub now allowing you to respond to messages, open widgets and access the latest Home app as well as allowing quick response to third party apps without living the lock screen.

ios10 lock screen and raise to wake

Siri can now do even more

The latest development on the iOS10 is allowing Siri apple’s voice assistant to have access to third party apps. That means you can now command Siri to send messages on your behalf using apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat and many more. So you can be able to command Siri, to use WhatsApp to tell Ken, you will meet him after an hour. Siri will let you review the text before sending it. Now that sounds quite interesting.


If you sometimes get tired of texting messages, don’t worry iOS10 is here to help you out. This new software brings Siri technology to your keyboard i.e. whilst typing a message when someone requests your email address and location, Quick Type will offer you suggestions as well as provide data from other apps.

ios10 rich content in messaging

You can add rich content into messages now, including web pages, video clips and handwriting. This is a direct response to new features in competing platforms such as WhatsApp and SnapChat in an effort to keep people in the iMessage system. You can also add animations and backgrounds and words that have corresponding Emojis will now be highlighted allowing you to turn the word into an Emoji immediately.


Organizing your photos is no longer a chore. The iOS10 update will organize your photos into albums according to location, events and even by people using new intelligent facial recognition software which Apple stressed all happens on the device, not via Apple or iCloud. This was an emphasis mentioned several times as Apple made strong references to securing your data and privacy.

ios10 whats new in photos screengrab


ios10 photos organised by locations on a map ios10 photos organised by facial recognition


For music lovers, Apple iOS10 brings you the latest Apple Music 2.0. The navigation tabs change from For You, New, Radio, Playlists, and My Music to Library, For You, Browse, Radio, and Now Playing. Your own music is easier to reach and includes playlists.

Not a huge update, but the most interesting feature here is that some of your songs will display lyrics.


The Maps feature now has some clever features among which include suggested destinations. Here iOS10 uses its proactive technology to determine common destinations you go to according to the day and time i.e. the map will display the route to your workplace. The map features also determines alternative routes for you to use according to traffic flow.

Control your HomeKit-compatible accessories from one hub

iOS10 comes with the new Home app. This app was specifically designed to make your life around the home a lot easier. Home allows you to control all your HomeKit compatible appliances such as your thermostat, doors, curtains, cameras etc. Using this app you can be able to command Siri to do certain functions such a switching of the lights of your home, locking the doors and switching on the security cameras while you go to bed.

Voicemail previewing 

There are some great changes to the voicemail feature on your phone if you are using iOS10. Instead of having to listen to voicemail messages, your phone can now convert voice messages into text messages. This feature allows you to preview a voicemail before listening to it. This feature helps you screen messages according to importance, something that is very handy when you have a busy day’s schedule.


The news feature on your iOS 10 now comes with a breaking news notification. So you will be able to get updates on important news even when you are doing something else. Remember nowadays so many unexpected terrorist attacks, you want to be always aware and alert.

Which phones get to run the new iOS10?

Just as with the previous version of iOS software, it’s not going to be just any iPhone, iPad or iPod that is going to be able to run this software. Bad news for iPhone 4 and 4s users, the new iOS software can only be run from an iPhone 5 and later. People using iPads will be able to run the new software on iPad 4 and later. For iPod users the software will be available for iPod touch 6th generation. For all the above mentioned devices, iOS10 will be available as a free upgrade.



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