In the latest move to capitalise on the Pokemon Go revolution, the founders of the appropriately named have used the power of Pokemon Go to help increase customer numbers for some small businesses in London.

Paul Surtees and Ollie Maitland, co-founders of (a financing comparison site for small businesses) spent the day ‘luring’ Pokemon to cafes, bars and other small businesses in Old Street and Shoreditch by planting ‘lures’ at 20 pre-selected Pokestops in East London.

The Pokestops were chosen for their proximity to thriving small business, which benefited from ‘lures’ for an hour and half over lunchtime, increasing the number of Pokemon in the area for people to catch.

Pokemon Go - Bike Shed 3

Paul Surtees, MD and Co-founder of, said:

We’ve used Pokemon Go to help show small businesses that, through jumping on cutting edge technology and trends, there’s huge potential to boost sales and improve their financial outlook.

Technology opens so many doors for even the most traditional small business, whether this means maintaining an active Twitter stream, using platforms like ours to select the right finance option, or luring in potential customers in with a Pikachu or two.

Anthony Dutch van Someren who founded the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club in Shoreditch, said:

Our events, online and retail presence, and our brand new space in Shoreditch are entirely marketed using digital media; social channels, apps and websites, ironically enough to help people escape from virtual digital lives.

We embrace any enabling technology that brings people together – if games can bring more people through our doors in an authentic and interesting way, then we certainly welcome it.