Can Mobile Gaming Replace Console and PC Gaming?

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You may be wondering, can mobile gaming replace console and PC gaming, and it seems the answer is a resounding yes. Revenues from mobile gaming are projected to surpass those from console and PC (personal computer) games this year for the first time in history.

Favoured by far are the best online casino games which can be played with only a few spare minutes on the way home, or a longer spell in the evening. More recently the wildly popular Pokemon Go has caught the consumer imagination and requires you to be truly mobile in order to play! Mobile games cover many different genres like adventure, role playing and puzzle solving aswell as gambling.

Revenue is booming in this area too, with Super Data Research putting mobile gaming revenue for 2015 at $25.3bn.

Mobile games can be played on anything from a smartwatch, smartphones, feature phones, to PDA’s (personal digital assistant) tablet computers, portable media players or even a calculator.

PC and console games are taking a backseat as more time is spent away from home. People are commuting and playing mobile games on the bus, train, carpool or subway. They play mobile games while waiting in line at the grocery store, at the doctor’s office or at school. Back at home, those PlayStation 4’s, Xbox 360’s, Wii’s and desktop and laptop machines are collecting dust as more of the games are played while on the go.

One big advantage that console games have over mobile ones is the screen size! Working for a video game sales company, our conference room was loaded with all the different video game systems and a huge flatscreen television on the wall. That just doesn’t happen with mobile games.

Some games that have successfully made the transition from PC or console versions to a mobile version that runs on platforms like Android, iPhone or iPad are the incredibly popular Grand Theft Auto series of video games, the XCOM Enemy Within and Final Fantasy role-playing games, the combat action game Transistor, the Hearthstone card game and the World of Goo puzzle game.

Mobile Casino games are perfect for the casual gambler, as they are easily accessible and replicate the challenge of pitting your skills in games like Blackjack and Poker against real opponents from anywhere in the world. Because they are global you can always find someone to play against at any time of day or night.

Some mobile games like Grand Theft Auto even support external controllers on some devices, making this classic an incredible one to experience on the smaller screens. XCOM Enemy within is one of the first major players in the console arena to translate smoothly to touchscreens. Transistor originally launched on the PS4 and PC and now on iOS, it supports multiple control modes. World of Goo actually works best on touchscreen devices, making it much easier to connect the goo balls together to construct the structures. Final Fantasy is probably the most recognizable and long-lived of the games, having been released on the PlayStation decades ago. It translates nicely to the iPad. Hearthstone: Heros of Warcraft is great because it is free and a very nicely done card game.

Remember to still show some love to the consoles of old while still embracing the new mobile technology. Don’t forget the many hours you spent on your Xbox, PS and Wii. All the times you stayed up half the night (or the whole night) playing to try and get to the next level. Those were good times.

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