New Selectary App by Scandinavian entrepreneurs changes the way we communicate about travel‏

Selectary, a new app-based travel tool, was recently made available to the public after a successful by-invitation-only BETA-test run. The Selectary app, available on the App Store and Google Play, allows travelers to share, browse, interact and ask for advice about what to do at a destination in a more convenient and up-to-date way than anywhere else.

The Selectary app makes it easy to browse pictures, suggestions and information about a specific travel destination. Users are encourage to ask questions, engage in discussions and share their own pictures and suggestions on all travel related matters and destinations.

Michael Aoun Chairman of Selectary said:

By making it both instant and easy to use, our travel app has become a powerful tool for travel lovers around the world. Even people who never before considered to interact in a service dedicated to one specific topic, in this case travel destinations, are now enjoying the benefits of being active on Selectary.

We have created a great tool and during the BETA-phase we have already seen people get more out of their travel experiences thanks to Selectary.

Selectary was founded by Scandinavian entrepreneurs in 2015. By late 2015 the company launched the Selectary app to a select few dedicated world travelers for testing. In the beginning the app was a closed by-invitation-only member based forum that quickly grew to 1,500 members during BETA-testing. The next stage for Selectary is to add travel related services and benefits to its users.

“Starting 2017 we look forward to offering our members travel related services. We are most excited about our up-coming premium hotel booking solution which will revolutionize the way people value and use such services,” says Michael Aoun.

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