I really like the ‘new look’ Outlook.com web interface. It was a long time before it was rolled out to me, but its a definite improvement so far.

Some of the new things I like particularly are the way you can now view an attachment, and send a reply while still viewing it. Great for providing feedback on something you’ve been sent, and the snooze mail feature.

However, one thing I thought I’d like, but quickly turned annoying was the new feature that add events from your email to your calendar. Outlook can check your emails for events like Flights, Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals and Package Deliveries.

Seemed like a good idea, but it soon backfired, filling my Calendar up with all day event ‘package deliveries’.


To turn off this feature, head for Settings by clicking the cog icon top right, and selecting Options. From here select “Events from Email” from under the Calendar menu on the left side.


You can toggle the individual categories as you need them, or simply turn them all off.