In the run up to Christmas everyone is looking for gifts that are as unique as the individuals they are buying for. Here’s gadget guru and author Martin Bailey’s top tips for presents that won’t break the bank.

12 in 1 multitool pen

Price: £9.95
Available from


This elegant ball-point pen conceals 12 tools including saw, knife, tweezers, screwdrivers, fork and a file. Great for the person that likes to be prepared for anything.

iMusic Pillow
Price: £11.95
Available from:


For sleepy-heads and insomniacs alike, the iMusic pillow has an in-built speaker that can only be heard by the person resting on it. Plug in the 3.5mm jack into a phone or mp3 player and listen to music while you sleep, or set an alarm which will wake you without disturbing your partner.

Mushions or M-Y Fronts
Price: £14.99 or £16.99 respectively
Available from:


If you are often apart from your nearest and dearest why not treat them to a cushion with your face printed on it. Or remind them of you every time they gets dressed with your likeness printed on the front of a pair of undies.

Hot Mouse
Price: £19
Available from:


We all know that one person that’s always cold, even during a heatwave. The Hot Mouse’s two heat settings will keep their hand warm while they work.

ByBite electronic insect repellent
Price: £11.79
Available from:


For the person that books their holidays as soon as the Boxing Day adverts hit and always comes back from their two weeks away looking like they’ve had a bad case of chicken pox, the ByBite is ideal. Around the size of a lipstick, it emits a high pitched tone that’ll have the critters covering their ears with their wings and creating a protective bubble stretching several metres around you and your friends.

Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer
Price: £6.99
Available from


There’s nothing better than a cookie and a hot drink, right? How about a USB-powered cookie coaster that will keep your drink up to 50 degrees for up to 30 minutes? Ideal for those that always make a cuppa and end up drinking it tepid.

Wallet Ninja
Price: £4.99
Available from:


For that person that’s always fixing things, the wallet ninja means that they’re never without the essential. 18 tools packed into 1.5mm of 4x heat treated steel. Includes six hex spanners, can opener, fruit peeler, screw drivers, ruler and even a mobile phone stand.

Touchscreen gloves
Price: From £9.50
Available from: Marks & Spencer


Instagram coasters
Price: £16.99 for set of 4
Available from:


Now Nan won’t be able to moan that she never sees you enough with these gloss varnish coasters. Just upload your photos and wait for the postman to deliver your masterpieces.

Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset
Price: £14.99
Available from:


For both big and small ‘kids’ this headset is compatible with almost any Android or iPhone and allows you to watch tonnes of free full 360 degree content. Add on a Bluetooth controller and you can play games too.

Mobile Telescope
Price: £9.99
Available from:


Providing 8x magnification the telescope is compatible with most phones and simply clips over the camera lens. Ideal for star-gazers and nosy neighbours alike.

The Useful Book of Gadgets, Gizmos and Apps
Price: £9.99
Available from:


Solving life’s little problems one gadget at a time. If you can’t decide what gadget to buy for your nearest and dearest why not let them decide for themselves with this book? Packed with over 100 gadgets covering hardware, software and mobile apps it’s written in plain English and designed to show you gadgets that you never even knew existed.

Post written by Martin Bailey, his new book: The Useful Book of Gadgets, Gizmos & Apps is available now from Amazon for £9.99