4 iOS Apps to Keep You Entertained Everywhere

4 iOS Apps to Keep You Entertained Everywhere - Featured

One may currently find hundreds, if not thousands, of games available for downloading from the App Store. And it’s become a norm among iPhone users to buy those whenever one needs an efficient and exciting time-killer. However, many admit that most of these games are just single-use applications that you’ll never get back to after trying once. In their attempts to find a worthy alternative, some refer to online casinos to use the advantages of a free online casino bonus. Yet, again, gambling is the sort of activity not everyone’s up to engage in. And thus, a fair question comes forth: are there still apps that are worth downloading? The answer is – yes, there’s a couple we’d like to share.


Limbo is an amazing game that tells us the story of a boy who’s desperately trying to find his sister. Once you’ve pressed the play button, you get into the world, which is both intimidating and eye-catching. Player will have to solve a great deal of puzzles, search for the objects hidden in shadows and experience a true adventure. It’s highly recommended for everyone to play using the headphones. The accompanying sounds help not only to sink into the atmosphere but to find the clues as well. Don’t miss the game that’s becoming praised by the gamers worldwide.

Plants vs Zombies

PvZ can’t be viewed as a new game, surely. However, it is that kind of app that sucks you in completely. As to the gameplay, numerous players’ reviews admit it to be a 100% fun! The task is simple: keep zombies as far from your yard as possible. To make it happen, you may use a wide range of defensive plants. If zombies manage to breach the defense, you lose.

The game will, no doubt, attract a great deal of slot players, for it is truly engaging and boasts some stunning and colorful graphics. For those who wish to alternate the app with gambling, we would recommend to choose the best casino app and take a chance to hit some jackpots too.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a real catch for everyone who gets bored. Are you up for smashing something? Smash the glass with metal balls and get points! Your goal is to proceed through the game and smash the glass objects. If you run out of balls then it’s game over.


One should say this game is more than just a pastime. It is an intellectual kind of entertainment, which helps to broaden your vocabulary and, meanwhile, get tons of fun. When played with an opponent, you both receive the same board of letters. Players need to compose words out of the given letters. As soon as all of the letters are used the game ends and the one who’s got more words wins. As the practice shows, people tend to play a number of rounds and always get back to the game after a while.

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