Emotions have always been the motive power for all the achievements humanity has reached so far. It is the concept that makes us different from the simplest forms of life and proves us to be complex and intelligent beings. Practically every single act, every step we take is accompanied by a specific emotional attitude. Needless to say that people engaged in gambling are the living examples of all the existing emotional states and their expressions. One may say so, for there’s no any other sphere where human’s emotions would change from joy to despair for a number of times over just one minute. If you find it hard to believe, try it for yourself. Choose some free online slots with bonuses and see how emotions alternate as the bets rise up.

What does the research say?

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According to the research acquired from University College London (UCL), emotions play a huge role in making one’s decisions. When driven by the emotions people usually tend to act automatically. In this case, the response comes from a so-called amygdala region of the brain, not from a prefrontal cortex that’s responsible for cognitive functions.

Eventually, unclear thinking often becomes a norm when people are entirely taken by their emotions. In case with gamblers, this statement makes special sense: when the strain is high, making a mistake becomes a matter of time. As the result, self-blame turns to be unavoidable.

Our emotions are driven by our desires and concerns

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A natural desire of every gambler out there is to win and win big. This desire leads people to visit casinos, to look for the best odds, to play the slots online, and place the bets on bookmaker sites. It also makes them imagine the long-anticipated winnings and feel the excitement whenever adrenaline rushes to the veins.

Another question, what emotions one usually experiences when the stakes are high? It is, surely, a great concern, a fear of losing, and hesitation about whether the decision was right or not.

It’s hard to think positively when the outcome is unpredictable and the possibility of loss is high. You know, if you win, you’ll scream of joy and jump in the air! But then again, if you lose, you’ll be about to cry and paint it all black. There are days when both these feelings come and go more than once, thus, forcing one to lose 2-3 kilos over a single evening…

Control over emotions is a key to success

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From what we’ve known so far, gambling is tightly connected with emotions. One may even say it becomes entirely controlled by the latter sometimes. This usually happens when a person isn’t prepared for such emotional stress. Emotions in this case can only do a huge disservice for you as the wise and sober thinking becomes blocked by the secondary brain activities.

To prevent it, one needs to become the master of their feelings and emotions. In other words, one needs to learn self-control.