MTS – Multi Threat Shield Bag For Portable Protection

MTS - Multi Threat Shield bag - featured

I started thinking about the MTS (Multi Threat Shield bag) as another of those things from spy/Bond films that make their way to the consumer market, whether they are really needed or not. Like the mobile phone with a taser built in, or the Lotus Esprit that turned into a submarine underwater – Wet Nellie.

Ok, who am I kidding, everyone needs one of those and Elon Musk might soon make one available! However, in a sad way, this is genuinely something many people the world over, including students, would now seriously consider as a safety accessory for their every day life. Finding a safe corner and having this in front of you could literally be a lifesaver.

The MTS – “Multi Threat Shield bag” looks like an average black, minimalist laptop bag. It can carry the standard items you would take with you, like a laptop, charger, tablet and wallet in an expandable pouch.

But built into the 8lbs (3.6Kg) MTS is a lightweight and discreet ballistic shield. A quick flick of the wrist swiftly deploys a 3-foot long shield of protection. It is capable of defeating multiple impacts from most handgun, shotgun and pistol calibre sub­machine gun threats. The MTS is certified NIJ Level IIIA.

It also offers protection from attacks with blunt objects and edged weapons, as well as punches and kicks. The MTS™ measures 12 by 17.5 inches when closed. When the shield is unfurled, the MTS can protect an area that is 36.5 by 17.5 inches, with a total ballistic coverage of 639 sq. inches.


Level IIIA Protection means it “Defeats multiple impacts from a wide range of handgun, shotgun, and pistol calibre sub-machine gun ammunition.” Protection against high-powered rifles is available with a Level III insert plate which is available separately.

Its not cheap obviously, the MTS is available from Force Training for $899.00

There is more information in the video below:

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