SlotsMillion: the first VR casino

While the majority of companies are working on virtual reality technologies and devices, online gambling company SlotsMillion is working on the introduction of gaming experience in VR online casinos. The result that can be tested now is the following: the casino is located in the sky, on the 80th floor of a skyscraper with a fantastic view. Here you can have a drink in a bar, play various slots and experience a real dizziness looking out of the window. Similar to there is no need to download anything on a computer, tablet or a smartphone.

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Virtual reality headset

Virtual reality headsets became extremely popular in the year 2016 and in 2017 their features, functions and options are going to be only improved. In order to use one the most modern models, it is important to understand that a special technological support is needed.

The first headsets were created exactly for developers of computer games so that they could adapt the product to new technologies of a virtual reality. Later, lots of gaming companies showed interest to these same headsets. That’s why the list of games that supports this technology is always growing.

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Virtual reality games: the effect of complete reality

Virtual reality in 2017 is capable of changing the feelings from the gaming process. With the help of the aforementioned headset or the so-called helmet, one can easily lose oneself in the process of a VR game, become a participant of breath-taking events and feel as if it all happens for real.

The helmet can bring you into the 3-D world as well as can change the pictures accordingly with the storyline of a game by just turning the head from side to side.

In 2017 there will be a new function that includes the possibility to interact with other players. At the very beginning it will look like something unbelievable and fantastic, but having used this option at least once, you will want to play it more and more with friends, mates, etc.

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New technologies of 2017: Oculus Rift

In order to provide the highest quality of 3D games, developers are doing their best by inventing new features and functions. For instance, Oculus Rift is currently working on a technology that will be capable of reproducing a picture of 2160×1200 size with the exchange of frames 90 FPS.

It considerably exceeds today’s opportunities of modern monitors with the size of 1920×1080 and frame rate 30 FPS. If the frame rate is lower than the needed one, then images will be reproduced very slowly. Hence players will be losing interest to play.

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GeForce GTX: the best graphics platform for VR

Due to GeForce Experience and a package of GameWorks VR instruments, GeForce is the best graphics platform for virtual reality in 2017. “Dive” into a new world of thrilling gaming with immediate productivity, compatibility with “plug-and-play” and a leading in the industry technology NVIDIA GameWorks.

GTX graphics cards can provide it all and even more. Therefore, if you are already interested, then find out more here.