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XNSPY Cellphone Monitoring Software Review

There is a new cult of digital safety and it doesn’t involve antivirus, but rather cell phone monitoring software. Tools that were once used for spying are now used for monitoring purposes. These app are now legally available on app Store, with some alterations for domestic and commercial monitoring. However, they are more commonly used for spouse monitoring. Take not that we are using the word monitoring here which is entirely different from spying. Monitoring is legal, while spying isn’t.

So today, we will be reviewing this app XNSPY for our readers that’s driving a lot of attention through news and water cooler gossips.

XNSPY overview—what does it do and how it works?

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Xnspy is an app that can be installed onto any Android and iOS device to access on-storage phone logs of every kind. It can also track social media and GPS location of the monitored users (we will get to the features later). To use this app, you will be required to download and install it on the target device. The whole procedure is quite simple but there are a few things that that you need to know.

  • Xnspy can be used with or without jailbreaking an iOS device. However, the Jailbreak version offers more features over the iCloud version.
  • Xnspy doesn’t require rooting an Android device, but to access certain features, you may root the device.
  • To use xnspy, you will be given access to a webpage-based Dashboard from where you can access the monitored device’s logs.

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Download and installation

For Jailbreak: Downloading an app on iOS is just like transferring an app onto your iOS device using iTunes. Make sure your target device is jailbroken before you use this version.

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For Nojailbreak/iCloud: This is the simpler version of xnspy that doesn’t provide intensive features but runs without any download and installation. All you need is to subscribe to xnspy and enter the target person’s iCloud credentials

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For Android: We all know how easy it is to download and app on Android. Xnspy isn’t available on the PlayStore so you will need to download it via its website.

XNSpy Features

When you are tracking someone’s device, you would probably look for contacts, emails, internet browsing history, call logs, texts, etc. Others may want to monitor social media, or listen to live phone calls. We won’t cover every feature of this app, but only those that are worth a mention.

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  1. Track realtime location

Why not take real-time check on your monitored user and that too remotely with XNSPY’s GPS tracking service. It’s certainly a great feature to have on your cell phone monitoring software. If you don’t like tracking in real-time, you can also access the location history logs.

  1. Monitor Social media and dating apps

The app now provides extensive social media monitoring which wasn’t available originally. You can track call logs, chats, group chats, photos, videos and audio from tons of instant messengers like Messenger for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Kik, Skype, iMessage. For couples, they can also monitor Tinder on each other’s phone.

What’s missing? Not much, but an important app i.e. Snapchat. You can’t miss this important app when you talk about social networking and social media.

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  1. Record calls

Xnspy will automatically record calls from the monitored user’s smartphone. This is a feature that many people want from their cell phone monitoring software.

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  1. Watchlist alerts

No cell phone tracker is complete without a mechanism for instant notifications. Timely information about the target user’s activity is what people want. You can really commend XNSPY for introducing Watchlist alerts.

What can you with this app? You can set alerts about words, contacts and locations on the target person’s smartphone. For any related activity, the app will instantly send you notifications on the control panel. Another feature is the “Watchlist locations” that geo-fences the target device and provides alerts whenever the target users gets within the 100 metres radius.

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  1. Remote commands

Using XNSpy, you can send commands that can lock/unlock the target device, factory reset or even take a screenshot, all that from your app’s control panel.

The lowdown

Cell phone monitoring software seems like the perfect way to monitor someone. But this method of tracking isn’t without it’s downsides.

  • Factory resetting the device will require you to reinstall the app on the target device.
  • Real-time tracking cycles data every 10 minutes to conserve battery. So you won’t get lag-free tracking.
  • You can use one subscription on a single device only.

However, the aforementioned drawbacks aren’t specific to XNSpy, but to every other spy app. Check out what’s nice about this app:

  • Subscription fee is very low i.e. $8.33/month.
  • Around 30 features
  • Great customer support that entertains custom requests too
  • Sound refund policies
  • Accurate and responsive

This was a guest post on Tech on the Go from Izabella Grace


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