It was bound to happen sooner or later; a killer app designed to shake up the lottery industry.

For years, lottery monopolies like Camelot operated in a bubble, insulated from decades of online and mobile innovation by huge, tough-to-match jackpots.

In the past ten years i-gaming has grown considerably, with casino, sports betting and bingo proving particularly popular. Lottery revenues, meanwhile, have been slowly in decline.

The preferred industry solution was to raise prices, raise the winning odds or, in the case of EuroMillions last September, raise both. Such moves prompted player backlash, particularly in the case of EuroMillions, with many promising they would forgo their weekly lottery ticket.

The new lottery app from Lottoland takes a radical approach by getting rid of tickets completely. Instead, players pick their numbers and then place a “lottery bet” on any of a number of prominent global lottery games. These bets are taken by Lottoland, a Gibraltar-based and UK licensed company, who then pay out all wins directly, with large multimillion jackpots fully underwritten by leading financial insurers.

More For Less

What this means, in simple terms, is that Lottoland players are no longer constrained by their geographic location and are free to play lotteries such as Spain’s El Gordo Christmas lottery or America’s massive Powerball.

More crucially, Lottoland is free to adjust its prices and jackpot values as and when it sees fit, giving it a huge advantage over traditional lottery operators.

For example, when Camelot raised the price of EuroMillions by 50p, Lottoland decided to freeze the price at £2. They also offered “enhanced” jackpots worth £50 million on EuroMillions draws all throughout November and December 2016.

The reaction to Lottoland has been swift and vocal; their recent TV ad in Australia infuriated newsagents and provoked one senator to call for their shutdown. Meanwhile lottery operators, initially caught unawares, are now circling wagons. Camelot, in particular, have been quite vocal, calling the company “parasites” in a recent Times article. Suffice to say, Lottoland are ruffling quite a lot of important feathers – so does the app itself live up to the hype?

How It Works

The Lottoland app currently offers 26 lotteries from around the world with game prices starting at just 25p. Choice and flexibility are the name of the game here, with special subscription options, allowing you to tailor your weekly game, as well as Lottoland’s famous Double Jackpot feature where you can win twice the amount of a given jackpot should your numbers come up. As expected, you also get detailed lottery results and other vital information to help give you an edge when you play.

Already this is more than most lottery apps give you, but that’s only half the story. There’s also a huge range of scratch card games, instant win games, casino games and slots to enjoy. The app is available for both iOS and Android and the potential wins are unparalleled – no other gaming app comes close! The highest jackpot Lottoland have offered to date is the now-legendary Powerball jackpot worth over £1 billion. Sure the odds of winning such a prize are huge, but now imagine you did, and done so for free just by downloading an app!