We love it when technology helps improve health, and that’s exactly what this latest Kickstarter from Promixx aims to do.

The MiiXR is a beautifully designed, portable, Vortex Mixer that will also charge your devices while you workout. It’s lightweight, and you take everything you need with you, so you only need to mix your drink when you’re ready to drink it. The motor is detachable for easy-cleaning too.

The cap has been designed to be absolutely spill proof, so you can throw MiiXR in your bag in the morning and not worry about it having leaked everywhere when you take it out at lunchtime, or the gym at the end of the day. Its also nice and wide so you can drink comfortably.

Check out more details in the video below:

The included 1500mAh battery in the base provides enough power to “charge your wireless headphones 60 times or your iPhone 7 by a minimum of 50%”. Importantly it has a discharge cut-off which makes sure you will have enough battery kept in reserve for a number of mixes, whatever device you’re charging.

Its incredibly good value too, with Kickstarter ‘early bird’ options starting from $22 for the model taking 2xAAA batteries, and $39 for the model with the integrated Li-ion batteery, with device-charging.

miixr sports bottle and blender comparisons

MiiXR, at time of writing, has raised $99,353 of its $30,000 goal, and with only 8 days left, this device is certain to be moving into deisgn and production very soon!

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