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Why Are Jailbreaking And Rooting Bad?

Some users become frustrated when they found an unavailable software or app on their smartphones. Therefore, they tend towards the process of jailbreaking their Apple iOS or rooting their Android device.

Interestingly, jailbreaking of Apple iOS and rooting of the Android smartphones dramatically similar things, but the process of doing with Apple iOS and with Android devices are very unique to one another.  The reasons for jailbreaking and iOS devices operating methods, application modification and along with “sideways loading”  The process of downloading apps from the third party, both functions are permitted by android vendors but these third party loading functions are prohibited by the Apple.

The process of jailbreaking and rooting iOS and Android allow a user to unlock the terminal to load things from the third party, without these processes it would be impossible. You can imagine what will happen with device system? The answer is quite sure that jailbreaking your iPhone or rooting android device, gives you access which would be not acceptable for manufacturers and that’s is the reason they don’t allow for several reservations commercially.

It will also compromise the security of their devices, that’s why a user abounded the manufacture’s guarantee while user going to perform the action in order to unlock the terminal. The process of jailbreaking in iOS and rooting the Android permit users to perform interesting features that are not available, alongside this process is very vulnerable to nasty cyber-attacks.  Therefore before performing the process, a user should know the ultimate consequences of the action he or she is going to perform. So, the user should concern about while jailbreaking to iOS is not difficult as compare rooting any android device, but the ultimate risk is very high.

Usually, user jailbreaks their expensive smartphones for plenty of reasons in order to change the network their phone has at the moment. The user may face some serious problems with their device and ultimately he or she may feel pity for their smart action. So choosing to jailbreak to Apple iOS or rooting Android device is the bad to act which may lead users to cost heavily.

There are several reasons behind Jailbreaking and rooting is bad:

Security concerns

By doing the jailbreaking process you may compromise, data of your mobile phone like emails, contacts, and the user will not get access to a private network. You may disclose your bank credit cards privacy as well.

Say By By to Updates

The user should aware of that; if he chooses to jailbreak their phone then there will be no updates anymore on their device.

Risk of viruses and hackers

Jailbreaking process clearly undermines the security of your device and your smartphone may attack by plenty of viruses and hackers.

High risk of malware infection:

The user does jailbreak action in order to get their desired application which is not available on his own phone, but getting the application from the third party could be on- professional and ultimately there is the high risk of malware infection.

May cause damage to device:

Third party non-professional apps may cause damage to user device like it may decrease battery life, unplug service and ability to use the device may compromise.

Say by By to smartphone warranty:

When the user chooses to jailbreak his smartphone may lose the warranty given by the manufacturers, therefore most of the manufacturers don’t except warranty phone having jailbroken issue. So, it would be a chance that you may lose the warranty of your device even it is brand new. It will cost you heavily.

Mobile software problems:

It may remove certain software available on your device, this software has fixed in order to protect the password by manufacturers. So, always think before you are going to be Bill Gates.


Aline Carrara is a digital parenting expert and writer at TheOneSpy. She mostly writes latest social media and mobile data protection. To know more about her follow her on Twitter @alinecarrara7


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