A drone photography and videography competition, which closed on the 31st January 2017, has been won by James Farley taking a picture of a lighthouse in Wales.

The competition hosted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), in partnership with VisitEngland, was designed to educate people about using drones safely while celebrating the UK’s beautiful countryside and supported by leading aviation players.

Drones are everywhere now, with cheap ones being bought as gifts, and more expensive ones being used by photographers and news organisations as a means of getting pictures otherwise unobtainable.

The competition was aimed at images of the countryside as drone flyers need to observe the UK Drone laws which prohibit flight over congested areas or within 50 metres of a person or building.

The winning picture was taken by amateur drone operator James Farley, from Chester, and shows a beautiful view of the lighthouse at Point of Ayr in North Wales.

You can view all of the entries to the competition at the site https://wyng.com/commerce/gallery/24451 and there a number of fantastic images there to look through.

Various Entries From #400ftBritain Drone Photography Competition

Jonathan Nicholson, Assistant Communications Director at the CAA said,

We want to encourage people to enjoy using their drones but they must do so safely. By launching 400ft Britain, a competition with the Dronecode embedded in its core, we’re raising awareness of the Code and making it clear to drone users that they must comply with the law and stay safe while piloting a drone.

Winning photographer James Farley said:

I’m absolutely thrilled to have won – especially given the calibre of photos submitted, which was incredibly high; a reflection of the popularity of drones now and how they’re being used to take creative photography to new heights, both figuratively and literally!