Carrying out home improvement work on your home can be immensely satisfying but also slightly daunting. The key is to have your research and preparation done in advance. That means isolating your goals from the project. Are you trying to gain more space, do you need a new work area, does one part of the house require work to improve it and so on.

Isolating your project goals will help to focus your mind and your effort and deliver the best result. Collect ideas and inspirations as you go in advance of starting the project and talk them through with family and friends. Technology is your friend but advice from the experts will also help.

This infographic from the guys at EZ Living highlights those apps that are suitable for use when planning or carrying out a home improvement project; the project might be a small one like creating a feature wall or a large project like an extension but these apps are adaptable for all types of work. The infographic breaks down the apps for different stages of your project and it also features some useful advice from industry experts. Check it out below!

Home Improvement Apps – Infographic