Simple Steps To Improving Your Ecig Battery Safety

Simple Steps To Improving Your Ecig Battery Safety - Battery Bag

Ecig battery safety is constantly under scrutiny because of the media focusing their attention to much on the negative stories regarding exploding batteries as opposed the 2.3 million using ecigarettes mostly to quit along with the £96 billion its estimated the devices save the NHS.

The primary reason for the stories of exploding batteries come as a result of most e-cigarettes being powered by a lithium-ion battery, and that’s where the fire danger comes from. Yet lithium-ion batteries are found everywhere, from our cell phones to our cameras to our hybrid cars. So ultimately, is it not a question of user error? Or the media portraying a difference between perception and reality, which depends on the angel sold to you and I.

With this said there are some easy steps you can take to keep yourself vaping safe, with the most important being how to handle your e-cigarette batteries, or lithium-ion batteries with care.

Stick with the right ecig charger!

Batteries purchased from Ecig Wizard or any other manufacturer in fact should only be charged using the charger and mains adaptor supplied to ensure the battery is compatible with the charger. You should also avoid leaving your ecig connected for long periods unattended, in particular overnight.

Choose your plug wisely!

Some have been found to use the plug of an iphone whilst charging their ecig batteries, this is a big NO NO! Various plugs will support different voltages, therefore its vital you avoid plugging your device into an old or unsuitable USB port or Mains adapter It will only end in tears!

Purchase from reputable outlets.

Homemade, DIY or Mec mods, whatever you call them, stay away! These devices are often unregulated meaning extreme care must be taken when using them, which makes them more vulnerable to malfunction as they don’t always have the same safety features built-in. Visit a retailer you can trust prepared with questions to ask, you will soon find out if they know their stuff, and in turn provide you with a device you can trust.

Finally – look after your battery.

Do not under any circumstances attempt to use a damaged battery or cell. If the wrapping is pealing, if your battery has been dropped don’t risk it! A new 18650 battery costs around £10, take it from us, if in doubt buy a new one, it could save you a lot of pain! Most retailers including ourselves provide some form of battery case, another vitally important item to utilise, never store your batteries in clothing, batteries can so easily vent and short circuit when they come into contact with metallic items!

We will never be able to prevent all battery failures, but we can provide you with these useful tips to minimise this happening to you, given the number of ecigs in use, the likelihood of an e-cigarette battery failing remains statistically low.

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