How Technology Will Influence the Future of Transport

Modes of transportation for the future are constantly changing. Developers from around the world continue to amaze us with brilliant and innovative ideas by looking into the unknown. It almost seems impossible to imagine what the world of transportation would be like in 10 years’ time. It is even more difficult to imagine what it would look like in 100 years. The most successful and world renowned sci-fi writers have always kept our imaginations captivated by the possibilities. We are transported back in time with a DeLorean in Back to the Future. The next thing you know, we are light years ahead with Captain Kirk.

Aceparts has a team of professionals who are constantly expanding their array of tools, products and equipment. They are able to help you whenever you need a quick fix or even a more complex enhancement. In order for them to continue the work they are doing, they need to always be on top of the latest technology that is happening in the world. This helps to ensure that they will be fully capable of meeting every challenge that might be presented.

For them to be able to accurately answer all types of inquiries receives, they have been collecting the latest news in the industry. They have been very diligent in their research, and have compiled a list of the most sought after transport options which might become available in the near future. They take a look into a variety of real world modes of transportation which are currently being built. This is Aceparts’ guide to the future of transportation around the world.

The Tesla Hyperloop

Although Apple and Google have taken the world by storm through their innovations in technology, Tesla will surely be recognized as the top contender in this decade. It will have a top speed of 720mph.

The Lutz Pathfinder

This is one of the most sought after transports in the future because of its world leading capabilities. It doesn’t require a driver to be operated. Instead, it will be fully powered by electricity. It will be directed by highly advanced sensors and maps and it is anticipated to be released by the end of the decade.

The Aeromobil

If you’re not impressed with the car that is able to drive itself, you will surely be impressed with the car that drives in the clouds. The Aeromobil is a roadable aircraft which wings that extend from the chassis.

Transit Elevated Bus

The Transit Elevated Bus was invented as a solution to the traffic congestion in Qinhuangdao, China. However, since the engineers ran out of funds to complete the project, it was left abandoned.

The Martin Jetpack

It is a current market leader because it is powered by a rocket engine. Its dimensions are similar to that of a glider. It is specifically being created to work as an emergency response service.

The Hendo Hover 2.0

Hoverboards and jetpacks have similar desirability. However, the hoverboards that we use today aren’t able to take off the ground just yet. In the future, the Hendo Hover 2.0 will completely change the world perceived hoverboards. It is built with a series of magnets which helps it raise from the ground.

The Antipode

Although we have always been fascinated with flying cars, planes remain to be the ruler of the skies. The Antipode is capable of carrying a maximum of 10 passengers. It will be able to travel an impressive 12,000mph and it will fly at 40,000 feet.


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