The Raspberry Pi is a tiny, revolutionary piece of technology currently taking the gaming and programming worlds by storm.  Getting your hands on one is easy, but with all of the options out there, there are a few things the prospective buyer has to keep in mind before committing to purchasing this tiny treasure trove of computing power.

The best selling British computer is a prodigy among processors, but the prospective programmers among you better read up before you get down to ordering. Lots of services are offering up a slice of Pi, but it is fair to wonder just where to buy a Raspberry Pi.

Types of Pi

First of all, you should remember there are now a range of models of the Pi. Each one of these miniature pieces of micro machinery caters to a range of demands, so it is worth doing some research so you can find out which model is best for you.

While many places offer the Pi for sale, not many have as comprehensive a list as The Pi Hut, and fewer still have as detailed an explanation as to what to expect from the different models. It can be daunting to set up your Raspberry Pi at first, so why not visit this easy to use tutorial offering a comprehensive guide for a first time user formatting and setting up their Pi?

User Reviews

When you are looking for the best Raspberry Pi online store, it’s worth looking at the various reviews online and less formal comment on such places as social media. Which stores offer not only the broadest range of Raspberry Pi models, but also the best customer service and the quickest and most competitively priced delivery?

Brand New Features

The Raspberry Pi is an ever evolving product, at the cutting edge of technological change and upheaval. Keeping track of all the new features for the Raspberry Pi is somewhat challenging, and the most appropriate Raspberry Pi store for you shouldn’t just stock the Raspberry Pi – it should also be able to educate you on the latest models and updates.

Kits and Bundles

Many readers new to the Raspberry Pi may have heard that compared to your average PC or Mac it can be difficult to set up for uninitiated, and there can be additional parts required for set up.

Does the Raspberry Pi store that you are considering actually stock these kits and bundles, or have a section dedicated solely to them? Does it offer the broadest range of such additional parts along with helpful tutorials?

Pricing and Delivery

We touched on it a little bit above – it may be dull to talk about the importance of finding the most competitively priced products from a given store, but it is important nonetheless. Furthermore, an online store dedicated to stocking the Raspberry Pi and all of the other necessary accessories should give you reasonably affordable, quick and convenient delivery options.

The Raspberry Pi is a little computer with undoubtedly massive potential, and you can quickly start unlocking that potential when you choose the right store from which to purchase yours.