Tesco Mobile Scraps Roaming Charges In 48 Destinations

Tesco Mobile

Tomorrow, 15th June, Tesco Mobile will bring back its Home From Home service, meaning that customers will be able to use their minutes, texts and data abroad in 48 European destinations, just as they would at home in the UK.

Tesco Mobile is set to take things one step further and not only abolish roaming charges in the EU but in a further six popular destinations to visit – Jersey, Monaco, Guernsey, Switzerland, Isle of Man and Gibraltar.

Every Tesco Mobile customer can relax whilst abroad knowing that there will be no hidden roaming charges to deal with after a business trip or family holiday in Europe.

Customers don’t need to opt in and will simply be greeted with a text message upon arrival to their destination, informing them that they have the freedom to use their phones as normal. If customers have used up their minutes, texts or data, they will simply pay the network’s standard UK rates.

Further to that, it’s also free to receive calls and texts in all of the ‘Home From Home’ countries too.

Tesco Mobile also wants to ensure that all customers can continue to use their phones abroad with complete peace of mind and this is why Capped contracts are offered as standard. This means that travelling in any country, customers will only ever spend as much as they have set in their safety buffer.

Roaming Charges

The move comes after a European Parliament ruling that making calls, sending texts and using the internet will now cost the same in any country of the EU, starting from 15 June 2017.

This requires all UK mobile operators to comply, however the future is unclear after 2019 when Article 50 completes and the U.K. leaves the European Union.

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