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Everything You Need To Know About iPhone X And The Notch

Another year has gone and Apple fans cannot wait to lay their hands on the latest iPhone on the market, the iPhoneX. Apple unveiled the iPhoneX back in September which became the talk of the town thanks to its new design and improved features, and controversial ‘notch’ at the top of the display. Now the tech giants are set to release the new phone on November 3 and customers have already started pre-ordering the iPhoneX. However, with just a few days remaining to the D-day, it remains uncertain how many people will lay their hands on the iPhoneX come the release day.

Rumours have it that there will be limited stock on release day. If this is true, we do expect to see an increase in demand for the new iPhoneX, especially during the early hours of Friday, November 3. Apple has made some tremendous improvements to the iPhoneX technology adding facial recognition, edge to edge OLED display and A11 Bionic processor.

Key iPhoneX features

Face ID

The Face ID feature identifies users by just looking at the device. This facial recognition technology enhances the security of the iPhoneX with Apple claiming there is only one in a million chance that unauthorised user would unlock the phone using the Face ID. For you to unlock the iPhoneX, you will have to look at the phone, with your eyes open.

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True depth camera

The True depth camera is without a doubt iPhoneX’s biggest selling point. This technology enables users to unlock the device with only their facial recognition. In addition, True depth camera technology enables users to send ‘Animojis’ or animated emojis that is based on the expression on their faces.

Wireless charging

Samsung Galaxy 8 already has wireless charging but iPhoneX is the first iPhone to date, to come with wireless charging feature. Apple is also planning to release AirPower next year, which will be able to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Edge-to-edge OLED screen

The iPhoneX has an impressive edge-to-edge OLED screen that measures 5.8 inches. The OLED display screen is superior to the LCD that is used in current iPhones, since it has brighter whites and blacker blacks with faster response time and lower power consumption.

The specs

The iPhoneX runs on the A11 Bionic processor that has 6 cores. According to Apple, this is the most powerful chip ever to be used on smartphones and will run on the new iOS 11.

However, to the dismay of many iPhone users, Apple announced that it will embrace fully the notch on iPhone X rather than hide it. This has generated a lot of discussion among iPhone users online, with some saying Steve Jobs would never have let it happen. The notch on iPhoneX comes with white bars on edges of web pages that are viewed on landscape. The worst thing is that the scroll bar disappears behind the notch when you scroll down a webpage. The new display will make some games unplayable or have missing scenes. The whole idea of the notch came when Apple introduced the Face ID feature. Despite the complaints from iPhone users, it seems like the cut out is here to stay.


As far as pricing of the iPhoneX is concerned, you can buy directly from Apple, or your preferred mobile network. Available in either Silver or Space Grey, the 64 GB version at £999.00 while the 256 GB version of iPhone X goes for £1,149.00.

Quite clearly, the iPhoneX is the most expensive smartphone available on the market today, so much so that Apple is pushing their pay monthly finance deals as the first buying option you see!

However, we don’t expect the price to be a big problem for iPhone fans around the world. According to surveys conducted by the GBH Insights, less than 20 percent of iPhone users saw the price of iPhoneX as a deterrent to buying the new phone.

GBH Insights analyst Daniel Ives believes this release cycle will be Apple’s biggest yet:

This will be a defining product launch for Cook & Co. that we ultimately believe will be Apple’s biggest iPhone product cycle to date, surpassing its previous peak sales for the iPhone 6 cycle in FY15.

The iPhoneX is a highly sought after mobile device that tech analysts predict the pre-sales could reach 40 million this weekend.


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