Virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence: they are all topics that many of us will be widely familiar and interested in.

However, in saying that there are also many people who are likely colleagues, friends, and family who know and have heard of these topics but who don’t truly understand them. Many of these people might be frequent users of apps like Snapchat and Instagram or use the likes of Pokémon Go and be unaware that they are utilising augmented reality through the use of those alone.

Similarly, there is a common perception that virtual reality is something that requires a lot of money for hardware in order to enter its immersive world but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many smartphones are in fact V.R.enabled and through the use of a cheap (even cardboard) addition, the device can become a ticket to the virtual world. A lot of people would have first encountered or heard about virtual reality in the mainstream news as a result of the $2 billion acquisition that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook made for Oculus Rift.

This was an immense investment and vote of confidence in the industry. It also exposed many people who weren’t aware that virtual reality has huge possibilities beyond gaming; as Mark Zuckerberg excitedly explained, V.R. can make huge steps in the areas of medicine, academia and so much more.

The guys at Carvaka have put together this infographic which covers the area of virtual reality for beginners; it includes a step-by-step guide in getting set up; it also highlights a number of handy virtual reality apps to download to delve further into its world and it also examines a number of V.R. specific headsets which might be of interest as someone advances into V.R.

Check out all the details below: