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Top Things to Consider When Looking for the Best UK Mobile Deals

There are many things to look out for when looking for the best UK mobile deals. Most phones today come with a host of specifications that sometimes make buyers confused. Even the savvy buyers familiar with technological trends often get spoilt for choice.

This is because the modern market does not have a shortage of variety. While the variety is appreciated, finding the best deal in the UK is a different issue entirely. There are simply countless dealers who offer their products at different prices. In order to get the best deal, therefore, you must know exactly what to look for. Here are some tips on things to look for when looking for the best mobile deals.

The Features

The features of the phone should be at the core of your priority items list. It is no secret that a modern phone is chiefly defined by its core specifications. At a time when phones are not just a means of communication, features are capable of making or breaking a deal.

The key features that you should look out for should, of course, be important to you and your daily routine. Things like the operating system (OS), Display size & quality, and design are just a few of things that you should use to base your decision on. Once you have fully established what you need on the phone, then you can move on to how to get the best deal.

The Performance

A phone that performs as expected is essential. Things like the processor used in the phone, the amount of RAM and internal storage available are key. Current app demands have made phones with the high specifications important for the best performance.

Today, most people need a phone with lots of storage space to keep all their recorded videos (often in 4k now which uses 375MB per minute!) and pictures. Phones that have no problem coping with heavy video games are also a priority in 2018. These needs and others have pushed the limits in terms of what a basic phone is expected to have. You should therefore never fork out lots of money if you are not getting a phone that has top-tier features.

The Manufacturer and Phone Price

Finally, a great phone can only be termed as a good deal if its price can match its value. The mobile brand and the network are also very important in determining the phones price. Manufacturers come with a certain reputation. There are some phones that, for instance, do particular things better than others and it is all because of the sills or commitment of the manufacturer. You can find brands that prioritise strength & durability while other brands emphasise on speed, and others on camera quality. The best phone model is definitely the one that balances all the right specifications.


What platform will your phone run on? The main two are Android and iOS, and although others exist they are tiny players in the market compared to these two. If you’ve bought films or tv from iTunes or Google Play before, you may want to stick with that platform going forward. While its possible to access Google Play content on an iOS device, the same can’t be said the other way around so make sure you consider this if you’re someone who watches films and tv shows on your device a lot.

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Most of the streaming Apps like Netflix, Amazon Video and Now TV are fine on both platforms, its just content purchased from the respective stores you need to be aware of.

In Summary

All of the above tips are why the majority of people prefer the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8 (and the just released S9). These two definitely represent the top phones that people look for in the market. They are at the apex of the best mobile deals chart as they provide sufficient value to their users. Whether you are concerned about speed, durability, the frequency of software updates, or security, you can definitely rely on the two brands. All the tips included above should inform your selection criteria when looking for the best deal.

When looking for UK mobiles, we recommend going to a retailer who provide multiple phones on all the major networks. Fonehouse sell monthly mobile phone deals and are a good place to start your search.


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