Technology affects our leisure time in the most unpredictable of ways. Who would have thought 20 years ago that by 2018, bingo would be such a popular pastime among youngsters of both sexes?

In the past, it was seen as the pastime of retirees, or perhaps groups of boisterous middle aged women on the “works night out,” but the smartphone revolution and the rise of mobile gaming apps has led to a resurgence and reinvention of this most traditional of games.

Where to play bingo online

There has been huge media coverage over bingo’s rise to prominence over the past few years, with online news sites and TV advertising keeping the profile at fever pitch. There have also been numerous new sites cropping up where you can play, and a look at the list on gives you an idea of just how wide the choice has become.

But while choosing the site to visit is one decision, there is also the question of what device is best for mobile bingo. For iOS fans, it comes down to two real choices, the iPhone or the iPad. So which is best? Let’s find out.

Bingo on the go from your iPhone

The main benefit to playing bingo on your smartphone is the same as with any mobile gaming experience, and that is one of convenience. This infographic suggests that more than 90 percent of adults have their phone within arms reach 24/7. However, you soon realise that the number is probably even higher when you note that this is based on research carried out more than five years ago!

The whole point of mobile gaming, whether it’s for bingo or anything else is that you can enjoy it on the go, and while iPads are popular, we are less likely to carry them around with us.

The downside to “phone bingo” is that the smaller screen size can make gameplay a little more fiddly. All the more reason to choose the game carefully, as many sites will have their bingo cards optimised for smartphones.

Is your iPad a bingo pad?

From the above, one of the main advantages of using an iPad for bingo becomes clear, and that is the larger screen size. The fact that an iPad will generally have more power and RAM than a smartphone also means the game will load up faster, and there is less chance of things hanging at a critical moment – although with the new iPhone X, that claim might be disputed!

The downside is on the one hand that you might not always have your iPad with you, and also that in general, battery life is inferior. So if you do go down this road, make sure yours is fully charged before you begin, to avoid frustration.

So which is best?

There are pros and cons to using either your smartphone or tablet for mobile bingo, so perhaps the best advice is to enjoy the best of both worlds, using the tablet at home and the phone on the go. Whichever one you choose, enjoy your gameplay and good luck!