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World Cup 2018: Top 5 Betting Tips to Win Big

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is rapidly approaching, and every sports fan out there is looking forward to making some money by betting on their favourite team. This huge sports event has gathered soccer fans for over four years. If you are feeling lucky this year and you think both you and your favourite team will win, then you could use some betting tips and strategies.

In 2014, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) indicated that two-thirds of UK adults were likely to place a bet. Furthermore, statistics show that the average household spend 166 pounds on online betting every year. However, the great majority of those represent amateurs who usually lose more money than they make.

First, you have to understand that sports betting does not rely on random chance. The huge scale of this industry reveals that you are competing against other sports bettors from all around the world. Sports betting has become a marketplace. The unexpected part is that there is a massive group of people who turned sports betting into a full-time job. There are also plenty of stockbrokers who use their experience and skills to gain an edge in sports betting. They are able to read the market and learn where to invest their money. Use the next list of tips to increase your chances at the FIFA World Cup 2018.

1. Bet on the odds, not on your favourite team

A professional bettor will never bet on their favorite team if the odds are not in their favor. It’s very important to analyze all the teams participating in the 2018 World Cup, focus on their strengths and weaknesses, compare them and determine how each team’s special attributes would compare with another’s. For example, if both teams are known better for their defense skills, you should bet on the one with the slightly better offense lineup.

Casual bettors will always listen to their hearts rather than cold logic, but they won’t be bringing home the bacon anytime soon.

2. Don’t allow emotions to affect your judgement

As we said, betting is easy if you can understand and calculate the odds with a clear mind. If you bet on your favorite team because from your perspective they are the best, you should prepare to lose. As we said above, when placing your bets, you need to think things through with a cold detachment. There are no favorites, there are only numbers, odds based on facts, and calculated probabilities.

3. Factor in the details

The devil is in the details, and so are your chances of winning. Before placing your bets, factor in all you know about a team’s members. Do they have new players that could get tired easily, is the coach arguing with the investors, is morale affected?

It’s important to know your teams inside out because a simple thing as a spat between team members can affect the outcome of a game. However, it’s also very important to know that you can get caught up in the specifics and miss the bigger picture.

4. Do your homework

The greatest investors of all times argue that no one should ever try to invest in a business that they do not fully understand. The same applies to sports betting. Make sure you have a better insight into the games before deciding to bet your hard-earned money.

However, if you’ve been voraciously devouring sports since childhood but never felt the urge to place a bet until now, you can take this information with a grain of salt and trust your gut. Be careful to make the distinction between your instincts and your emotions.

5. Start small

There’s more to betting than just the major players. You can sharpen your skills by focusing on smaller games. Granted, they come with proportional earnings but it’s always better to play it safe. Don’t throw yourself out there to compete with major league bettors without taking betting out for a spin.

These tips and tricks are likely to help you improve your betting techniques and turn into a professional sports punter. Get ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup by betting on smaller games, devising your own system, and gathering as much information about the team as possible.

Remember, and we can’t stress this enough, don’t bet with your heart. There is no room for emotion when entering the world of professional betting. Only cold hard facts. We hope that our 5 tips will help you increase your earnings and enjoy this year’s World Cup from a winner’s perspective.


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