11 Apple Watch tips and tricks

11 Apple Watch tips and tricks

The new Apple Watch was released along side the new iPhone models, the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. Its slightly thinner, slightly larger and has a 30% bigger display.

I’ve ordered one to replace my original Apple Watch and while I wait for it to arrive I’ve been reading up on the new features in Watch OS5, and general tips and tricks. I found this great article on Apple Watch Tips and Tricks which I thought I’d share as while you might know most of these, there may be a few new things you didn’t know which will help you make the most from your current Apple Watch or the new one if you went ahead and ordered it!

11 Apple Watch tips and tricks

It’s easy to find your phone by tapping this button in the control center. But if you’re hard of hearing, holding it will also make the flash go off.

Take a screenshot by pressing both buttons at once. It will show up in the Photos app on your phone. Make sure General – Enable Screenshots is checked

Flip the entire screen around. This is great for lefties. Just go to General – Watch Orientation. Choose “Right Wrist.” You can also change the side of the crown. If you want to wear the watch upside down

Display apps as a list instead of a grid. Tap the crown to bring up all the icons. Then force press and choose “List View.”

The watch has a nightstand mode. To enable it, go to General – Nightstand Mode. Turn the watch sideways while it’s on the charger. The screen will rotate and show the date and time.

Use the crown to control your phone’s volume. Just go into “Now Playing” and rotate the crown up or down

Use the watch as a camera remote. Open the camera app on the watch. Tap anywhere to change the focus. Force press to bring up options like flash and the selfie camera. You can snap a photo immediately, or use the 3-second timer

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