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Find a Fantastic Camping Site Anywhere with Interactive Camping Apps

Do you like camping? I consider myself a camping nerd and the reason is simple – it’s lots of fun. The only part I never truly loved is organising and planning. You plan one thing and a completely another happens. I mean, who wants to set up camp only to have another group move in right next to you? As I never know when’s the next time going to be, I decided to check some apps that might help me (and you) find that perfect camping spot, maybe even one that will make sure Joe and his wife won’t camp right next to your RV or tent. I found a couple sites that have camping apps but this one caught my attention.

Best 10 Camping Apps by AppGrooves

So I decided to review 3 of them. Who knows, it might help you with your next camping trip.

Find a Great Spot with KOA

KOA campgrounds are a well-renowned campsite company in the USA. The KOA app allows you to view spots on the map and reserve one so that you know no one will steal it from you. I was surprised when I realised that the app alerts you to major events, like road closures and weather emergencies, that way you can be as safe as possible on your trip. To be honest, the flashbacks just kept on coming back to all the moments where we had to find an alternative route to our camping site. Not fun.

The problem with this app is that you are limited to only KOA campgrounds. Obviously, since this is the KOA app. If you want to find campgrounds elsewhere, this app won’t help you. You might not live by a KOA campground, anyway, so the app really might not be the greatest for you. But if you want to camp with KOA, then I do recommend this app. Going official is always a good idea.

Find Your Dream Camp Site with Ultimate Public Campgrounds

Ultimate Public Campgrounds claims to have over 30,000 sites to choose from. Plus, you can filter your searches with tags like, “campgrounds near me” to find the nearest camping sites. The thing I like most is that you can filter by price! I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to pay a thousand dollars to go sleep in the woods for a week. Thus, the ability to quickly check prices is a huge plus in my book.

But, there’s a catch. What isn’t too great about the app is that it charges you just to use it. I hope that doesn’t put you off completely, because it looks like a good app. I love that it searches all campgrounds instead of just a few like KOA does. So if you want to camp, I think the small app fee will be worth it.

Camp in Europe with NorCamp

I decided to include this one for a single reason – Europe, more specifically Scandinavia. NorCamp specialises in campsites in Norway and Sweden, so if you happen to be in that area, then this app is for you! I don’t know if you ever saw the picture, but those countries are beautiful. I enjoyed looking at reviews and photos from past campers and find the perfect spot for myself. There’s also an unnecessary but fun feature where you just pick one camping site at random. But that’s for the people who need real adventure. Then again, who doesn’t love surprises?

Although the app is great for campers, If you are more of a glamper than a camper then it might not be so great. Most of the spots are really rough and tumble type campsites away from civilisation. In other words, I think you need to be serious about camping to use this app.

Basically, if you’re going to Norway or Sweden and you’re the type of camper who put an enormous backpack with a sleeping bag and only a couple of food cans, then this is for you. But, if you’re more of a family type of camper, go with the first two. These were a few of the apps that I liked out of all of the ones that I searched for. I hope one of them strikes your fancy! Enjoy your camping trip!


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