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The Ins and Outs of Vaping Kits

The vaping market has evolved considerably since its inception more than a decade ago, with rising consumer demand at the heart of this. In fact, the number of vapers in Great Britain recently topped three million for the first time, with participation having increased four-times since 2012.

When getting started as a vaper, however, there are specific kits to help you on your way. We’ll explore these kits further below, while asking how they can contribute to your experience as a vaper!

What are Vaping Kits?

In simple terms, vaping kits are packaged bundles that contain everything you could possible need to start vaping.

This usually include a rudimentary vape pen or vape mod, an atomiser and a battery, along with a tank in which you inject your choice of e-liquid. These bundles vary in quality and complexity, with the best products featuring 2ml capacity tanks and in-built batteries offering at least 1,500mAh.

In terms of complexity, you can buy more advanced kits include items such as RDA, which is a rebuildable atomiser that enables you to construct your own coil. We’ll have more on this in a while, but rest assured this type of kit is rarely suitable for beginners.

Why Would you Buy Vaping Kits?

The answer to this question lies in the diversity of products available on the market, with kits marketed at both novice and experienced vapers.

This means that people can invest in equipment that is tailored to their level of expertise, and more specifically the type of vaping experience that they want to enjoy.

This is ideal for people who intend to quit smoking, as they can achieve a more seamless transition and minimise the risk of them taking up normal cigarettes once again.

The key is to determine which kit best suits your circumstances, whether you invest in a beginner, intermediate or advanced product to suit your needs. Resources like VIP can help in this respect, as they have a wide range of products and have clearly categorised these on their website.

The Last Word – Knowing What Vaping Kits to Avoid as a Vaper

The question that remains, of course, is whether there are any kits that you should avoid as a beginner?

We touched earlier on items such as RDAs, which are aimed at advanced vapers who have the knowledge to customise their own vaping mods. Fans of sub-ohm vaping provide a relevant case in point, as these individuals can buy advanced kits that enable them to install atomiser coils that have a resistance of less than one ohm.

This optimises the power output of their device and the thickness of the clouds produced, while it can also create a more intense flavour experience in some instances.

This experience is tailored completely for advanced vapers, and should be avoided by beginners at all costs. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of ruining the taste experience and investing in a kit that is far beyond your existing level of knowledge.


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