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Motivation, Profit, Trading: 3 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Phone

Let’s face it – we are all obsessed with using our phones. Studies show that we spend the equivalent of a full day a week on our phones. There’s nothing wrong with this; times have changed and our entertainment now comes from the palm of our hands rather than from a screen or other method. In fact, even time spent scrolling social media helps us feel connected to the world and gives us a chance to maintain friendships that would once have been lost. But, while it’s fine to sit and refresh Facebook or scroll Reddit, there are ways in which we can optimise the use of our phones so that we can make the absolute most out of using them.

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Your Phone as a Money Making Tool

Your phone can actually surprisingly be used to make money. Companies know how useful advertising is to mobile and the rise of social media, YouTube, and other mobile-themed ads prove this. If you want to connect with a consumer, it’s likely you can do this through their phone. There are a spate of apps that will help you make some extra money – or at least some tokens – just for using your phone. iPoll and Swagbucks, for example, offer vouchers for completing market research surveys on your phone, while Slidejoy gives you a kickback for placing ads directly onto your phone. You don’t have to interact with the ad to get paid. Apps such as Sweatcoin and Pact can help you earn through fitness. The former is a tokenised pedometer, while the latter tracks fitness progress and rewards cash for completing your goals.

Your Phone as a Trading Platform

You’ve probably heard a lot about trading and investment but thought it referred primarily to those who spend hours on the stock market. But your phone provides a wealth of information that will arm you to begin a trading career, and it can also kickstart that career in earnest too. You don’t have to dive into stocks and shares initially or try to wrangle your head around Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. FX trading, for example, refers to the trading of forex currency, which is more accessible to the beginner trader who is looking to start with their phone. The opportunities that trading on your phone provides have really lowered the barrier to entry of getting involved with trading, which has made trading more lucrative for those who do it.

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Your Phone as a Motivator

If we do spend so much of our time on our phones, there must be some way we can harness this technology to try to improve our lives. Lack of productivity is a major drain and spending one-seventh of the week on our phones invariably contributes to this. But, our phones do provide ways in which we can be more productive and even act as motivational tools. These range from to-do lists and planners such as the Wunderlist software, or even the Evernote app, which looks to help map out your thoughts and provide some structure. Plus, by monitoring screen time, we can be shocked into being made to use our phones more productively anyway.

Your phone is an incredible piece of software and harnessing the power you already possess could unlock greater potential in your day to day life. Make the most out of your phone and you’ll see it pay off dividends.


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