The Relevance of Squonking

Most people prefer vaping over smoking nowadays because of the benefits that come with it. When vaping, you inhale vapor, but not smoke, which makes it safer for your respiratory system. Smoke from cigarettes can be very dangerous. It can cause several respiratory illnesses. The chances of contracting lung cancer are also high when you smoke a cigarette.

Vaping remains the best option. Those who want to quit smoking can opt for vaping because it gives you the opportunity to regulate nicotine intake in your body. You can use less nicotine in your vaping juice which is vital for your withdrawal journey. Vaping is all about inhaling vapor from a device which uses e-liquid containing nicotine.

The e-liquid is combusted to vapor upon inhalation. You will find different types of vapes out there. The squonk vape is one popular type. Also referred to as the squonk mod, it has its vaping juice bottle inside which makes it stand out from the rest. The squonk mod has several hollow connectors which allow the tank to feed the vaping juice to the bottom of the atomizer via a tube. The atomizer is the part responsible for heating the e-juice into vapor.

Once you squeeze the bottle, the vaping juice is sent through the tube to produce a unique sound known as a ‘squonk’ – hence the name. You can buy this and other vaping devices or materials at online sites like ePuffer and also from other mainstream shops. The squonk mod can be very beneficial for your health. Here are the benefits of squonking.

Minimal Leakages

In squonking, you will experience minimal leakages from your device. Leaking can be a significant cause of inconvenience for most vapers. You will have a difficult time carrying your device around because it is dripping. You can also not vape anytime you want as a result. The Squonking mod is one of the best devices you can get because you will experience zero or fewer leakages. This is because the liquid also ends up back in your bottle.

Fewer Refills

You will also need fewer refills with this type of mod because you will not experience any overflow or leakage. It gives you the opportunity to utilize all the vaping juice you have. This is good for those who are traveling long distances or are always on the go.

Bigger Bottle Size

The squonk mod has a bigger bottle size which is different than in other types of vapes. Most Squonking mods can carry over 7ml while regular mods usually carry 5ml or less. This will guarantee you a great vaping experience, and you can utilize your e-juice properly.

Saves You Money

You can save a lot of money with this type of vaping device because of the minimal waste you produce. The minimal leakages or overflowing will mean you use all your vaping juice appropriately. Nothing will go to waste, and you will not be forced to buy more e-liquid to do your refills.


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