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How to Boost Your English Writing Skills Online

To help you boost your English writing skills we’ve interviewed a professional essay and blog post writer, a member of a creative team of SmartWritingService – one of the most popular academic writing services. Here you can take a closer look at his tips on how to write better.

Read a lot

If you want to learn how to write, then first you should read a lot. Books (both art and educational), articles, posts on the Internet. For example, I read at least one book a week. There are people who read a book a day. Here, the principle is simple, so that you constantly have ideas for texts, you need to put these very ideas into your head: reading does it perfectly well.

Write a lot

In order to learn how to write, you need … to write. I don’t remember a day (except weekends) when I didn’t write at least 300-500 words. Permanent practice makes all the difference.


This means that you sit down and start writing what comes into your head. No matter what. And write within 15 minutes without interruption, regularly, every day.

Idea and purpose

Everything is simple here. The idea is what to write about? And the goal – why do you write? After I get an idea and a goal, I turn to the title.


If readers don’t pay attention to your headlines, they won’t pay attention to your text. Therefore, the headings should work first. For example, I can not write the text further, if I have not invented a title. Although after writing the text, I can completely change the title to others.

First sentence

The purpose of the first sentence is simple: to develop a headline and make your audience read the second sentence. The main thing is that it is simple and short. In general, I recommend using only simple sentences with a minimum of commas and various participial and extramural revolutions. Without complex and incomprehensible words. Simplicity and ease they rule. It is best to start the first sentence with a question or a word like. Or use numbers in it. Such first sentences work best.


Paragraphs are bricks from which the text is composed. To make the text easy to read, you must divide it into paragraphs. The huge bricks of paragraphs in 10 lines are simply not realistic to read. I recommend to make the largest paragraph no more than 5 lines and at the same time alternate paragraphs of different widths: 3 lines, 5 lines, 2 lines, 5 lines, etc.

Passion. Structure is not enough, it is necessary to make your text interesting. And for this you can use stories, metaphors, images, words, magnets, anecdotes, aphorisms, quotes, direct speech, etc. in texts. Here are some lists of words you can use for the specific reason:

Curiosity words

Riddle, miracle, magic, mysticism, omen, secret, truth, reality, faith, recognition, witchcraft.

Words that make you want to preserve and protect

Life, death, fear, war, adventure, crime, progress, freedom, youth, beauty, safety.

Words related to key moments in life

Kid, child, groom, bride, engagement, woman, husband, husband, marriage, family, father, mother, friend, people

Practical Tips

Why, how, here, what is, an instrument, a foundation, a stage, an innovation, a factor, a lesson, an idea, a reason, a method, a quality, a key, a task, a strategy, an advantage, a question, a method, a solution, a council, a connection, a tactic, a manner , rule, recipe, principle, means, technology, example.

Innovation Words

New, now, to discover, today, the premiere, the last warning, it is important, urgent, discovery, progress, improvement, soon, back to school.

After you have written the text, before editing, let it rest for at least a day. And after that, reduce everything that can be removed. Divide paragraphs. Make complex sentences simple. Get rid of the extra commas. Insert the word magnets. Remove incomprehensible words.

If you are not sure you can write at this level of quality yourself, get several essays written by an expert and use them to boost your english writing skills.


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