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Can I use Wireless Devices on the Plane?

A flight can be lengthy if you cannot access a suitable entertainment program. If you want to watch your movies on the tablet or enjoy your favourite songs on your smartphone, you should do so via headphones, so as not to disturb fellow passengers.

Meanwhile, more and more users rely on wireless headphones, which are connected via Bluetooth to the mobile device.

But what does it look like if you want to use your Bluetooth headphones on the plane?

Bluetooth on the plane: That’s how it looks

A few years ago mobile phones had to be completely switched off in the airplane. Most airlines have relaxed this rule and allow the mobile device to operate as long as the flight mode has been activated. Some airlines like AirBerlin now even allow the operation of the smartphone during the take-off and landing phase. There’s nothing wrong with putting on the Bluetooth headphones to listen to the sounds from the mobile device during the stressful flight phases – right?

  • The flight mode in the default setting cuts all connection options to the outside. In addition to the mobile data network, this also includes access to the Bluetooth function.
  • Some airlines now offer access to an entertainment program on the plane via WLAN. The WLAN can be switched on manually in flight mode.
  • A clear line when using Bluetooth devices in airplanes does not exist. Many airlines prohibit the use of these connectivity options completely, other companies are looser.

Bluetooth in the plane? That’s what Lufthansa,and AirBerlin are all about:

At AirBerlin you can use about Bluetooth accessories:

“Small electronic devices, such as For example, tablets, e-books, and cell phones can be used in all phases of flight, provided the  flight mode is enabled. (…) Bluetooth accessories (eg wireless keyboard, headphones, etc.) may only be used during the flight.”

In the case of some planes, use of headphones are expressly prohibited:

“It should be noted that the operation of electronic equipment which has a transmit / receive function but  does not  provide a flight mode is not permitted on board. Bluetooth features (eg for wireless keyboards, headphones, etc.) must be completely switched off during the entire flight. ”

The same applies to the travel regulations of the Aeroflot line :

“The use of wireless headphones with Bluetooth connection is prohibited.”

Eurowings does not allow the use of “mobile phones in transmit and receive mode” and “devices based on wireless technology” – so Bluetooth headphones cannot be used.

beats wireless headphones

If you fly with RyanAir, the Bluetooth function can be switched on in flight mode to connect the headphones to the phone or tablet.

“@Damian Kelly: Can I use a wireless headphone with my mobile (only Bluetooth enabled – the rest in flight mode) to listen to music. Many thanks.

“@RyanAir : Hi, yes this will be no issue.”

In Lufthansa aircraft, the use of Bluetooth devices last year was not allowed.

“@Benjamin Lewerenz :

In theory I’m not allowed to turn on the transmission functions. But am I allowed to listen to music on Bluetooth headphones?”

“@Lufthnsa: The use of Bluetooth devices on board is not allowed but is currently being reviewed by LH Technic. Thank you.

However, the operation of wireless headphones is now allowed on Lufthansa flights.

In the majority of major airlines, the use of wireless headphones during the flight time is not allowed, there is no clear regulation. In case of uncertainty, it is advisable to contact the airline before departure or, of course, to approach the stewardess or the steward directly on the plane. Of course, the above statements also apply to other Bluetooth accessories such as gamepads or keyboards.

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Even if the usage should be allowed, you should not turn up the playlist too loud. Especially during the takeoff and landing phase you should pay attention to important announcements from the crew.

Also during the flight it is necessary to listen to any safety instructions. Some airlines allow the operation of their own headphones therefore only for the operation in the aircraft’s own entertainment program, which is interrupted in safety-related announcements.


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