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How Technology Has Influenced Sport

It is fair to say that technology has impacted on every corner of our lives in the modern world. From catching up with friends online through social media to streaming music on our smartphones. Obviously, technology is a positive thing, as it allows us to live our lives in a safer and often more enjoyable and convenient way. One area that has certainly seen a lot of change due to the effects of technology is sport. Whatever game you like to follow, from golf to rugby, you can bet that technology has changed it in some ways over time. Of course, it is not only sport itself that has been impacted in this way. Our approach to sport and how we access it has also been affected for the better by the march of tech.

But what are the major ways tech has changed sport?

Assisting game officials in decision making

More and more sports are now beginning to use next-gen tech to help referees or game officials with decision making. Rugby is a great example of this and has used an off-pitch official with access to high-quality replay pictures to help on-pitch referees for a long time. Football is another sport that is starting to do the same with ‘Video Assisted Referee’ tech helping to ensure the on-pitch referee does not miss anything serious or makes a wrong decision. This is much better than previous ways of doing it which saw the on-pitch official having no help when making complex decisions.

Playing equipment has developed greatly

If you look at the gear that modern sportspeople wear to play in and compare it to times gone by, the way tech has made its presence felt is clear. Modern boots that footballers wear are loaded with innovative materials and design touches that help enhance their game. The same is true across a range of sports where specialist compression wear or training kit makes use of technology to improve an athlete’s performance. Technology has also brought sports equipment that is designed to be tougher, thereby offering more protection for those taking part in sport.

Betting on sports

Another key area within sport to think about is sport betting. This has seen a real revolution in recent years due to digital technology allowing online bookies to spring up. This is now the major way most of us bet on games. Tech is constantly advancing in this sector as the rise of bitcoin sports betting shows. This sees the digital Bitcoin currency eligible for people to wager with at certain online sport betting sites. Both examples clearly show what effect technology is having in this sporting industry.

Detailed analysis for players and teams

The modern sportsperson is constantly monitored for their performance levels and in-game statistics. From how far they run to their heart rate in training drills, a whole host of information is collected to review their progress. This is only possible due to sporting technology which offers software packages like Prozone and wireless monitors for players to use when training. Of course, teams will usually watch video of their previous game to see where they could improve. This makes use of high-tech solutions like digital monitors and online solutions, while also using the latest video editing software.

Tech has changed how we view sport

As noted earlier, it is not just those who play sport that have felt tech’s reassuring touch. As viewers, technology has massively changed the whole industry. We can now watch games in fabulous high definition and from any angle we like. We can also use tech to choose which game we want to watch and not be confined to merely seeing what the broadcaster may select. When you add in the way modern technology allows us to pause and rewind in-game action for dramatic effect, it is clear how differently we now view sport. Of course, there is also the ease in which we can find out the latest news and stories due to online sites and social media.

Tech has made a real difference in sport

The above points show just how much technology has changed sport over recent years. It also shows just how much it was needed and how positive this has been for attracting people into sport again. Compared to having to go out to the local bookie to place a bet or put up with watching a game you are not really interested in on your TV; modern sport is much more fun and flexible due to technology. As tech continues to advance, this will be seen more in the future.


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