DEEBOT N79S wood flooring

Deebot N79S Review – A Small And Powerful Robot Vacuum

I love smart-home tech. So when I was offered the opportunity to write a Deebot N79S Review, on shipping day I was following the courier online tracking updates with the same enthusiasm usually reserved for a brand new iPhone!

The Deebot N97S package contains the main Deebot robot vacuum, a charging base, and 2 spare brushes.

Cleaning Process

There are two circular brushes on the front right and left of the Deebot which sweep up any loose debris and funnel it toward the central suction intake.

I generally let the N97S go in automated mode, where is just moves around the ground floor cleaning everywhere it can get access to until its battery runs low. The 2600mAH battery is rated at around 100 minutes of run time. This sounds a lot, but you have to allow the extra time for the Deebot to navigate around obstacles. There is a lot of repeat cleaning of some areas while it works its way to harder to reach corners.

The cleaning is done in a random manner. The ability to map out and remember your home layout is available on higher spec models in the range like the 901 and 930.

Fortunately the N97S has an Infrared Anti-Collision Sensor. This stops it bumping into obstacles as it works its way around.

It does have more specific cleaning modes though such as:

  • Edge mode for cleaning specific edges.
  • Spot cleaning for intensive cleaning of a specific area.
  • A Max mode for really stubborn dirt.

The N97S ensures it never runs out of power as it automatically returns to its docking station to re-charge when its battery power is low.


I placed the charging dock under my desk. When the battery is low the Deebot gently follows its IR ‘homing beam’ back to recharge after every cleaning run.

Deebot Smart App

With the Ecovacs App in your pocket, you can effortlessly schedule the timing of your clean. You can also set the appropriate cleaning mode and monitor the cleaning status of your robot anywhere and at anytime.

DEEBOT N79S mobile app

It also features Google Home and Amazon Alexa integration, so you can start a cleaning cycle by voice alone!

If none of those take your fancy you can use a good old fashioned Timer Schedule. Or simply manually activate the Deebot when you go out. I tried this a couple of times to see how it coped.

Once it returned safely to its base to charge with a full waste tray to confirm it had been out. The second time it got itself trapped under a chair. The battery had clearly run out before it could get back to base.

The N97S has a stair safety sensor. So although it can’t get up stairs to clean a higher level, at least it won’t fall down steps and potentially break itself. Its all automatic so you haven’t got to ‘stair gate’ it like a wandering toddler.


The Deebot N97S is a reasonable £209 and sits in the middle of the range of robot vacuums. You really need to understand the layout of your house to know whether it would work for you. If you have raised furniture and relatively open spaces then the Deebot can get good access and cover a high percentage of your room.

If you have a ground floor with steps between rooms, or crowded with furniture, then you just won’t see the same level of benefits.

Deebot N79S In Action

Take a look at a short video I took of the Deebot N79S working away,  navigating under my sofa, and going up onto a rug and off again.

Deebot N79S Summary

The N97S is a great and affordable entry into the robot vacuum space. It might not have some of the more sophisticated features like wet mopping, mapping, and recharge & resume but it does the basic functions very well and I was constantly surprised how much it managed to vacuum up with each outing it made.

>> Buy the Deebot N97S from Amazon UK for £209, or check out other models in their range.


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