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The Popularity Of The Infographic

Though the popularity of the infographic has risen dramatically in the past few years, we still commonly receive questions about the various terms used to describe this field of design.

Data mental image, info style, visual content, and infographics are just some of these terms, and the confusion is understandable. Many of the labels thrown around are not only overlapping but also open to individual interpretation.

What Is an Infographic?

Well, let’s start with the word itself. “Infographic” a combination of the words “information” and “graphic.” In essence, an infographic is a form of visual communication meant to capture attention and enhance comprehension.

In this era, “infographic” has become the broadest descriptor of a specific type of visual communication that includes graphics showing data, copy, or both.

You’ve most likely stumble upon infographics in magazines, online, or on the wall at your workplace.

The word “infographic” has seasoned a meteoric rise in quality over the last decade, mostly thanks to the employment of this medium for each branded and editorial content on the online infographic maker app.  There are many schools of thought, but we believe the term should remain open and inclusive as the medium evolves.

What Types of Infographics Are There?

There are general classes that infographics will fall into:

  1. Data visualization
  2. Information design
  3. Editorial infographics

Each serves its own purpose and can be a powerful storytelling tool—when applied properly. Let’s explore the difference between them.

1.Data Visualization Infographics

Data visualisation is, simply, a visible illustration of information.

We take into account it an inventive science. It uses style aesthetics to extend knowledge comprehension, synthesis, and ultimately recall. Whether you’re observing meta patterns or single knowledge points, digital audio tape a visualization interprets that knowledge into a visible language you’ll be able to simply and instantly perceive.

In the age of big data, this is especially important. We need to both make sense of numbers and be able to easily share the story they tell.

In application, the practice of data visualization is the most numbers-heavy—and typically is what a purist would describe as a “true” infographic.

But, like all infographic style, the display method is rooted in the context and desired message.

You may be familiar with data visualization in the form of basic charts and graphs.

2.Information Design Infographics

Information design is a subset of graphic design that focuses on the display of information efficiently and effectively. It’s a broad class, encompassing many functional design disciplines.

It differs from data visualization because it is not made from specific data points but rather concepts or other information, such as process, anatomy, chronology, or hierarchy.

In your day-to-day life, you may encounter information design in the form of flowcharts, organizational diagrams, or timelines, clarifying structure and order in a way not possible solely using text. Instructional diagrams, anatomical illustration, and some applications of cartography would also fall under this label.

3.Editorial Infographics

Although major publications are that includes infographics for many years, there is a shift in the style and type of visual content they are producing. This trend has also been spurred by the rise of social.

Infographics became extremely shareable content, so publications are embracing the medium to better engage readers.

Previously, editorial infographics were limited to simple bars, lines, and pie charts, using illustration solely in more complex features to map an area or show the anatomy of an object. While some of these infographics can cross the fine line over to advertorial, the good ones do not. The value of editorial content is best realised once providing fascinating insight.


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