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0800: the traditional phone number that innovative businesses adore

Listen to any sort of business advertisement on your TV and you will find that their number always begins with 0800. Having this sort of marketing telephone number is any business owner’s dream. If you have a business, and are looking for a personalised telephone number, getting an 0800 number may encourage more customers to engage with your brand. Read on to learn exactly why.

Free Phoneline

When your customers ring up your business number, it can leave them feeling annoyed and frustrated if they are being charged for making the call to you. However, ringing an 0800 number does not charge the customer for calling you. This means that 0800 numbers can be extremely powerful, as the caller knows that they are not being forced to pay for any calls made to your brand. This means a 0800 number can be used as an extremely powerful marketing tool. Planet-numbers.co.uk can provide 0800 phone numbers that can give your customers the freedom to call you whenever they want without any potential charges.


No one likes being cold-called by businesses that could live in a completely different city to their own. These sorts of calls can lead a customer to think that someone may be trying to scam them. This will lead them to start treating your call as a “nuisance call”. By purchasing a 0800 number, you look like you are a regional business.  0800 numbers are non-geographic numbers, meaning that you will not be judged for contacting clients in a different location. As you have not tied yourself to a location, this may lead more customers to feel comfortable about talking to you.

Memorable Numbers

The very number 0800 has a bit of a catchy ring to it – just add a few additional memorable numbers and you will find that customers will always be ringing in. This sort of catchy jingle is known as sonic branding. If you have any sort of marketing campaign, PR experts may want to include a song with your advertisement, such as for the number, so that customers remember it. Hastings Direct or Coca Cola are excellent examples of how effective sonic branding can work. If you have an 0800 number, make sure to get some marketing experts on your side to make sure you can show it off to your new customers.

Remote Work

As 0800 numbers are virtual numbers, this means that you can easily set them up for any sort of landlines or mobiles without your customers realising it. This means that if you work from home or need to travel around the country, you can still speak to clients and take up calls. This means that you don’t need to be tethered to your office and can accept calls at any time.


Let’s say that you’re expanding or relocating your business to a different area of the country. Normally, it would take up a lot of time to speak to the appropriate authorities to disconnect your line and get it set up elsewhere. But with a 0800 number, your phone calls can travel with you. That means that even when you’re moving from one area to another, your business does not have to stop.


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