Effects of VR on Body Health and Fitness Industry

Virtual Reality, or VR as it is commonly referred to, is a huge deal for many gamers. However, the effects of VR are being seen in more than just those games that require hand to hand action. Many people are finding that VR makes it easier to maintain the fitness ideals that they have in mind. How is this so? While VR has taken off, many companies are looking at the body health and fitness industries as way to get even more people into using VR. And it seems that this has been somewhat successful.

The Studies Performed

There have been several studies that have been done to showcase whether VR does help with the fitness levels of those who use this. In a study of VR and physical fitness in those individuals who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease, it was found that those who were placed into the environment in which they used Xbox gait training, actually traveled faster and longer distances than those in the control group, which were using traditional means of getting fit. The overall results from this study found that the virtual reality was just as effective in gait training as if the people were on a treadmill.

Zumba is an intense form of exercise that many people swear by. However, what about its fitness level when using the Xbox Kinect? A study took the VR Zumba platform along with 18 healthy participants to determine the cardiovascular effects of this program on the body. The results were pleasing and did showcase that this VR program is one that could help people get into shape. The study utilized the before stats of their blood pressure and heart rate, then allowed the participants to utilize the Zumba program, then followed this up with a collection of these stats again. The end results were that all the participants saw an increase in their heart rate and blood pressure, showcasing that this is a cardiovascular workout.

The use of VR exercise is thought to help people with their body health perceptions, along with getting them more fit. However, it is rather difficult to determine if this is the case, when it comes to the perceptions that one has about their health. Another study observed older women who were participating in VR exercise programs, while others went the more traditional route. Participants were able to get rid of the cords and go wireless while using VR equipment. Through a feedback session, it was found that these women who utilized VR experienced an improvement in their self-perceived body health, as well as their physical health. It was found that the use of VR exercise can be a cost-effective way to improve these elements in women.

The End Result

While VR may be new and exciting, it does have promise when it comes to the physical fitness of those who are using this. While it may seem unnatural to workout in these methods, it is combining technology and physical fitness, which has been an issue for many people over the years. The end result is happier people who are healthy!


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