I take a look at the new Totallee Wireless Charger supporting Qi charging for a wide range of handsets.

I really like Totallee as a brand, their products are excellent quality and they maintain this by staying focused, they are not offering every accessory for every phone currently available.

They do great minimalist cases for the iPhone, Pixel and Galaxy ranges. Accessories are limited to their high quality charging cables (see my review), a phone grip and most recently a Qi wireless charger.

I took a look at this to see how the new Totallee Wireless Charger compared to other wireless chargers I already have.

Totallee Wireless Charger Design

The first thing I noticed was how thin the wireless charging pad was. It measures 0.25″ thin – but its not until until you hold it that you realise how tiny that is. I have table coasters that are bigger than this charger!

totalee wireless charger qi open box

It has a nice non-slip base and the top has a soft fabric texture to ensure your phone is protected from any scratches. Power is supplied through a standard micro-USB connector.

It supports fast charging up to 10W if you have the correct USB adaptor, allowing you to fully charge your phone in around 30-45mins.

Key features are:

  • Thin and minimalistic (0.25″ thin)
  • Fast charging up to 10W
  • Safety features: Overheating protection, foreign object detection

The charger can be a little sensitive on placement, even slightly off the sweet spot and I found it wouldn’t recognise the phone to charge.

>> The Totallee wireless charger is priced at $49 + shipping. Like all Totallee products it include a two-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.