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5 Content Trends and Its Future For 2020

In the year 2020, both content marketing and SEO will begin hitting the high notes! There will be now a brighter future for content we can post, which would align with what your users want to see, their search needs, and other habits. It’s getting even better with how much smarter we strategise our content, the way we research, create and post it all.

Because of this, content marketing isn’t just an “experiment,” but now a proven and successful strategy many marketers now use for branding. But what trends can we watch out for in terms of content? Read on as I show you the five different content trends and how it affects the future of SEO in Brisbane (and around the world!) this 2020.

Five Content Trends and Its Future For 2020

Content marketing is one of the best ways to keep up with your target audience and build your brand. But it isn’t just about staying consistent with posts and following SEO rules! People want to see new (and authentic) things that matter to them, so here are the trends to watch out for now:

  1. Bring On The Next-Level Visuals

If you’re already a visual-focused platform, then good news! You’ll stay trending for the next year, but you have to level up and become more visual-FORWARD. Whether it’s entertainment or for communication, people want more interactive imaging and content.

This is because the current and future generations of Internet users love visual social media and other platforms. After all, why do platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and SnapChat stay very popular and most-used among teens and young adults? Because of that, it’s time to start getting more unique and futuristic with the visuals you post.

For example, you can create augmented reality lenses and filters for SnapChat to promote your brand. Or, you can create your own GIFS to add on your own blog posts. There are so many current and newer possibilities, and we can see a lot of marketers taking advantage of all the custom-made and branded imagery to pair with the message you post.

  1. Video Content and More Visual Storytelling

We all know how video content was such a huge deal this year, with YouTube rising quickly! The same goes with augmented reality and dynamic imagery, so you can see why both visual storytelling and video content will still continue to rise and stay trending next year. Here are some statistics to prove how these two continue to grow:

Last year, up to 85% of Internet users across the United States watched videos monthly

56% of young adults and 54% of older adults would like to see even more video content from the brands they support

62% of consumers pay attention more to video and prefer consuming it compared to text

Because of all this, it means you have to continue moving forward with video content! Besides posting consistent videos, they have to be quality and with amazing storytelling to entice your audience. Once you tell awesome and relevant stories through video, you’re able to rise.

  1. Improve Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness

Marketers call this “E-A-T,” with Google actually publishing a blog on it to remind marketers about their updates and what they can do to make it better. Of course, you should read and understand the Search Quality Rater Guidelines, and to focus on your content’s E-A-T.

Google singled out the importance of E-A-T, so you know just how crucial this is when building content. You need to prove that your content shows all three: Expertise, Authority, and Trust. This goes for ALL types of brands, whether you’re an organization, an individual, or a business.

Prove your content’s E-A-T by following these tips:

  • Earn links and/or mentions from authority websites
  • Include a short biography and credentials about you and your authors
  • Link out to authoritative websites and sources that support all your research and data
  • Continue to update your content and website regularly with current and relevant info
  • Of course, ensure that your content isn’t only well-researched, but easy to read and useful for your audience
  1. Even More Useful Content

Stellar and useful content will be a trend that will ALWAYS last and continue to rise as the years come. We need to understand how people need the highest quality content, not only ensuring it’s well-written but catered to customers as well. Not only does exceptional content win readers’ hearts, but it helps with your SEO ranking as well.

Expect to see these trends rise in the next year:

  • Understand the target audience’s needs based on keywords from search results
  • Better writing that’s created for certain audiences while still staying consistent with branding
  • Even better research with new and relevant data from reputable sources
  • Deeper exploration and depth when talking about certain topics
  • More visuals, from infographics to visual-forward imagery
  1. Targeted and Customer-First Content

Even in the past years, marketers made sure to prioritize their customer’s needs above generic sales messages. Remember, a business can’t prosper without building trust and offering the help, entertainment, or information people want based on their unique needs.

Also, the best and well-written content that caters to audience needs is the one that always ranks #1 on search engine results pages! So it’s safe to say you can see this trend rising in the next few years to come. All it takes is research and engaging with your target community, which has you create more ideas on what content they’d like to see.

Wrapping It Up

The future of content and content marketing is now here and ready for marketers to take advantage of. From the right content to customer information, building trust to focusing on authenticity, you’ll be surprised with how much the strategies have changed! It’s time to act NOW if you want to see even better results for your branding.

I hope this article on the different content trends helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and follow any of these content trends, applying it to next year’s strategies now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences in content marketing, then comment below. All your thoughts are much appreciated!


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