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9 Things to Consider while Creating Promo Emails

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies for attracting customers. It is being partnered with the SEO to boost its features and make it visible to the public.

According to the wordstream blog, around 59% among the marketers said that email marketing is the most effective channel to generate revenue. If you want to have compelling content, you should start reviewing your methods and contents. As a reference, we have listed down the factors that you should consider before creating your promo email.

1.      Determine Your Target Audience

In creating promotional emails, it is important to identify to whom you are going to advertise the products and services. You must align your marketing strategies with the right audience.

Determine whether you are promoting a product for new customers or existing clients. Check the demography, location and look at their preferences. By knowing this matter, you will have a clearer purpose in your promo emails. Your customers will feel valued since you dedicate a specific ad to tailor their needs.

2.      Check Your Email Builder

To make your marketing systematic and organized, you should implement an email builder. It makes your content accessible in different gadgets whether laptop, tablet, or phone.

Nowadays, most of the people spend their time using smartphones. It is convenient since it’s handy and portable. This is the reason why most marketers exert their full effort to perfect their emails.

Aside from the email builder also encompasses the designs, layouts, and templates for a better visual presentation of your contents. According to the designmodo email builder, you can design and pick email templates even without any coding skills required. You may choose among free and premium templates to customize your email.

3.      Make the Subject Line Appealing

The subject line defines your email on what it’s all about. However, this is not enough to convince your readers to view the email. Most marketers used a tactical subject line that could pique the interest of the recipient.

You may use compelling terms that may drive the customers to read and respond to your email. Make sure to avoid making your subject line a spammy one. According to the Invesp, their statistics suggest that 69% of the subject lines are being rejected and recognized as spam.

For example, using the words buy now or free are already considered as flagged terms. You may use a subject line that contains a straightforward, conversational, quantifiable, or catchy words. Some marketers are also mentioning their promos with a due date to manifest a sense of urgency.

4.      Apply Call to Action Principles

As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words, the CTA principle may somewhat relate to this quote. A CTA is a stimulus that initiates action and encourages a solution to solve a problem. You should use verbs and present tense words to persuade people to avail of your products or services.

For example, you may refer to this comparison below:

  1. Hurry! Shop now to avail our promos and discounts until January!
  2. Enjoy our 20% discounts in Selected Items this January!

As you compare the two sentences, the first one compels the buyer to go to the store as early as possible and grab the sale opportunity. Whereas the second sentence, it only describes that the store offers a discount. Between these two sentences, it is obvious that the first one applies the CTA principle.

5.      Check the Overall Content

Before clicking the send button, you should proofread and double-check everything in your email. You can start from the subject line, addressee, greetings, contents, and then your email signature.

Make sure that you have an interesting and intriguing subject line that will convince the readers. Check the merge tag if the contact is correctly entered in the email. Keep your greetings appropriate yet personal and touching. Lastly, create a customized email signature that consists of the company logo, address, and contact number.

6.      Highlight the benefits

In sending promotional emails, you should focus on being a customer-centric marketer. It is important to emphasize the various benefits that the customer will experience from availing of your products or services.

Aside from being straightforward and applying CTA to your subject line, provide them valuable content. Explain how these benefits can affect them and enumerate all the products and services with promos and discounts.

7.      Align Your Contents to SEO

The search engine optimization is a viable component that helps your website increase its visibility to the public. Using this principle, your target audience can able to reach you once they research on Google.

If you are wondering why it’s relevant to marketing emails, the answer is simply to drive traffic to your website. Once your emails reached to your readers, there is a tendency for them to subscribe. In this marketing strategy, it expands your audience and you can able to reach potential customers as well.

8.      Optimize the Design and Layout

Visual representations are the best way to market your products and services interactively. You may also come up with interesting infographics and newsletters that explain your business all about via email.

In modern marketing today, the infographics are now being widely used for advertising and SEO purposes. It is difficult to compete with SEO in terms of keywords and website ranking. However, only a few marketers have tried applying infographics as their strategy. Hence, there is an average competition and you can even upload these images on Pinterest.

9.      Check Compliance Standards and Test Emails

In email marketing, there are compliance standards to follow strictly for safety and business practice purposes. So before sending out your final draft, you should come up with a checklist first to verify if your email followed the right contents.

Check your bounce rates, subscribed and unsubscribed customers, web issue warnings, and audience settings. You should be able to monitor these analytics and settings carefully to abide by the compliance standards.

Furthermore, you should test your email first before sending it to your customers. Make sure to create a dummy account for testing purposes. By doing this step, it will help you correct any mistakes and improve your marketing content.


Email marketing has proven its influence across B2B campaigns. Overall, it helps in boosting revenue generation and strategically ranks your website on Google. By following the guidelines and tips listed above, you can able to review your email contents thoroughly and improve your strategies. Moreover, you can able to maintain your existing customers as well as invite any interested clients to patronize your brand.


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