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Next Time You Fall Asleep Watching Netflix Think About Your Carbon Footprint

The truth is that when we bring up the word ‘Carbon Footprint’ most people think of car fumes or the chopping down of forests, or plastic shopping bags. And whilst these are a substantial problem in the pollution of earth, we have another contender that may not have crossed your mind.

So firstly, what is a carbon footprint? Put simply this is the amount of carbon dioxide that ends up getting released into the atmosphere because of daily activities that require energy. Let’s add to that statement by giving you an idea on some of the things that produce carbon emissions. Things such as transportation, electricity, food and even digital activities can cause a carbon footprint.

The digital age has brought many significant advancements in technology, and has improved a lot of processes along the way for companies and individuals, but did you know that simply sending an email, tweeting or falling asleep while you are streaming a Netflix film or series all play a massive part in creating a carbon footprint?

More and more people are tuning into on-demand service such as Netflix, they are inexpensive at £5.99 per month and people can find anything from old classics to the latest film releases, but with the needless use of electricity from constant streaming, more CO2 is being produced and is creating a bigger problem in combating pollution.

How Can I Help Reduce My Digital Carbon Footprint?

What can you do to help prevent the problem growing? Simply setting a sleep mode on your TV can make a massive difference. Remember that many of us are guilty at falling asleep whilst watching a film and this is a problem on a large scale. If everyone globally set a sleep timer on their TV, the resulting reduction in carbon footprints could be huge.

What Other Daily Digital Habits are Creating Carbon Footprints?

The most popular ones are as follows:

  • Streaming Services such as Netflix or YouTube
  • Emails, especially those with attachments
  • Tweets, Posts and other status updates on social media
  • Google Searches/ Image Searches
  • Texting / Messaging

Some of these may surprise you, but what might surprise you more is if we look at the amount of coal that needs to be brunt globally to cater for these kinds of daily habits. Take a look at the video below created by Viessmann on how much carbon emissions are being used for certain activities.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHDjTgYHDRI]

What About Other Carbon Footprint Creators?

We’ve discussed digital but there are also other culprits that are making a mark on Earth. Let’s take another closer look towards home. One of the biggest is your central heating boiler which is responsible for 60% of domestic carbon emissions! However, by just replacing your old boilers you can help increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, and you will find in the long-run they are cheaper to run – saving some homes as much as £300 per year.

As we progress through the digital age it’s important to keep one eye on carbon emissions, if not for you, for our future generations.


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