A Chinese-language report from the Economic Daily News has rumoured that Apple will be releasing new AirPods Pro, possibly before Christmas this year.

The updated AirPods Pro will come in as many as eight colours, including White, Black, and a new Midnight Green finish.

Pro Features

The ‘Pro’ moniker will denote the improvements over the original Airpods models available with new features, rumoured to include some or all of the below:

  • Improved battery life
  • Active noise cancelling (likely explains the more ‘in ear’ design below)
  • Water proof rating
  • Siri – always listening

Last month, in the iOS 13.2 beta filesystem, MacRumors discovered an icon depicting never-before-seen, in-ear AirPods with rubber ear tips. This design would presumably help to block out ambient noise.

As you might expect, all these new features are likely to come at an increased cost. While the rumour mill often gets product details correct, its less accurate on pricing.

It’s likely the current price of £199 for the Apple Airpods with the Charging Case (£140 from Amazon UK) will have to go up – some are speculating to $299 which would be a big jump but Apple may justify with the range of new features.

So when will the Airpods Pro be available?

Release dates are questionable. The most likely release, the October Apple event, has been and gone. To catch the Christmas market Apple may opt for an online only release, or if the Airpods Pro aren’t quite ready yet, they may be delayed to the usual March event.

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