Bet365 are perhaps one of the most renowned betting companies out there at the moment and as with many betting companies they have a free betting app available on Android and iOS. In my time I have had the pleasure of looking at a number of betting apps, from the Bet365 app to Sky Bet, to Ladbrokes and this app in particular is one of the best I have used for its features, its functionality and its great user experience.

Every Saturday I enjoy having a punt on Premiership football, and I also closely follow the Italian Serie A. For me Bet365 allows you to bet at some of the best odds, often beating its competitors not only in the amount of games it offers but also on some of the types of bets you can place.

Bet365 Features

Some competitors offer bonuses such as spend a certain amount each week and receive a free bet for the following week. Now, Bet365 don’t do this but at the same time they offer better fixed odds than their competitors so it sort of balances out. They also offer a massive amount of sports to bet on from your football and horses, to speedway and even eGaming.

One of the more popular features of the app is the in-play betting which will allow you to bet on games that are already underway. For example, if we look at football, you can place a bet on a game that has already kicked off. Whether its both teams to score, over or under a certain amount of goals, or a fixed winner. As the match progresses the odds change in real-time.

Sign-up Deals

At the time of writing this, Bet365 offer a sign-up bonus where you can make your first initial deposit and receive £30 back in free bets. This of course is prone to changing, but generally you will receive an introductory offer of some kind.

Live Streaming

One thing that sets the Bet365 app apart is the live-streaming it has available. Where most betting platforms do have live-streaming available, Bet365 has the most widely offered. So, if you fancy a bet on the horses, tennis or basketball you can stream the race from the app in real-time. Generally most streams are close to real-time as well.

Cashing Out

Finally we have to talk about cashing out, a great service that allows you to cash out your bet when things are going well (if you wish). Let’s say you put an accumulator on that consisted of 5 basketball games at 33/1. Two of you matches have already won, and the third is in play and doing well. Bet365 will offer you a real-time cash out of the accumulator so you can take out money without waiting to see the result of the final two games. If you put down a bet stake of £1 on the 33/1 game your overall return would be £33 – but you would have to wait for all games to win. The cash out option will allow you to cash out for whatever the bet is currently priced at. With two games won and a third looking likely to be won you will be able to cash out for a profit. The actual amount depends on the odds of each game.