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Varidesk Pro Plus 30 Review 

You probably already know these that sitting too much for prolonged periods can be bad for your health. Yet many of us find ourselves’ sitting for the most part of the day. Office workers are particularly prone to this problem. If sitting is so potentially harmful what about standing? What are the benefits of working while standing?

Health benefits

Recent statistics shows that today, office employee are spending an estimated of 66% of their workday sitting, the one among many reason office employee are subjected to cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and early deaths. Studies have shown that those who sits for prolonged periods are 54% more likely to have a heart attack. Even the regular exercise will not counteract the effects of prolonged sitting.

Physical benefits

Other studies have shown that when a person stand or move, rather than sitting, they are able to burn more calories, managing their weight. Besides, standing encourages glucose breakdown immediately after eating, which reduces chances of developing metabolic syndrome. Anecdotal evidence has indicated that standing while working can reduce back pain as well as other repetitive stress injuries.

The back pain problem when sitting is usually as a result of not using your back enough; you are typically holding your upper body with your muscles, which leads to compression with your chest as well as abdominal cavities.

Mental benefits

A new finding of Organization in motion has indicated that standing when working or physical exercise in between working hours can increase, focus, alertness, engagement, and concentration. In essence, when standing it is easier to release restless energy. These few reasons are good enough to convince you that standing when working is not an option, rather it’s a necessity for everyone who is health conscious and those who want to increase work productivity.

vari logoVaridesk Pro Plus 30 from Vari is one of the few products that are considered the best to help stand or sit in work, in a matter of seconds. As opposed to adjustable height standing desks on the market out there, this one is not meant to replace your beautiful office desk.

Here are my thoughts based on my time with the Varidesk Pro Plus 30.

Varidesk Pro Plus Design

Varidesk Pro Plus is uniquely designed; the surface is well coated with a laminate finish, with a wide range of colours to accommodate your workplace décor. As mentioned, this unit is not meant to replace your favourite mahogany desk, or whatever desk is in your office, rather its place on top of it, but that means that it has to be stable enough to hold any counter movements.

The unit, therefore, comes with a metal base that’s heavily weighted, with some rubber padding underneath, so you won’t worry about the desk stability on whatever surface you place it on. Of course, the higher you raise the desk, the less stable it becomes, that’s rule of physics, but overall it is very stable. It well designed to accommodate people with dual-monitor setups or those with larger workspace needs. The separate deck offers plenty of rooms for basics, therefore movement of accessories when raising or lowering the Varidesk Pro.

varidesk pro plus 30

Ease of use

One of the major selling points of Varidesk Pro Plus 30 is the fact that it is ready to use straight out of the box, no annoying assembly here. All you need is to place it on your desk, place your monitor and your laptops and anything else and you are good to go. Quite a bit has to be done before you go from sitting to standing, but it will rarely take your ten seconds. You just need to push the two large handle underneath on both sides of the main platform, and that’s’ it.


The Varidesk Pro Plus 30, does provide the multi-health benefits that come from working when standing. Reviews have posited that it has helped increase calorie burn, increase energy levels and overall productivity. I won’t recommend standing on a typical floor; you might want to consider picking up an anti-fatigue mat to use when you are standing, unless to you are standing on a carpeted floor office.



You will be using a lot of your desk space on Pro Plus 30, and you do not get that same amount of space back when you use it as your workspace. The cost isn’t bad, and much cheaper than a full height adjustable desk, but you’ve still got to be sure standing working is for you as you’re still spending around £275.00


This is actually one of the areas that need improvement to almost all the models out there. The distance between the monitor platform and the keyboard remain the same after adjustment. You can add a monitor arm to the back, but you will have to spend extra on that.


Varidesk Pro Plus 30 is a worth it investment; compared to competing brands, it stable, sturdy and easy to use. It does come with different colours to choose from, and you will even come across an app that can remind you when to adjust. It may not be ideal to those above the height of 6’, but it’s definitely the best option for that will allow you to receive the benefits of working when standing, not to mention it’s among the most affordable out there.

>> The Varidesk Pro Plus 30 is available to buy online for £275.00 from Vari.


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